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FACT CHECK: NDP plan to build 114,000 homes in 10 years 'incredibly unrealistic' say critics

John Horgan stood in front of a modest $1.2 million Burnaby home last week and told struggling families he will help them to be able to afford housing in B.C., with an ambitious plan critics are calling 'unrealistic.'

B.C. Liberals' promise to not leave debt for our kids is 'misleading'

At nearly every campaign stop, Christy Clark tells her supporters that her government will "make sure we don't leave our children with a debt. " Economists say Clark comments are misleading.

B.C. NDP and Liberal opioid crisis plans short on details, say critics

The NDP has what it calls an action plan to deal with opioid crisis, but it is big on promises and short on details, says a UBC addictions expert.
CBC Investigates

Downtown Vancouver ER is ground zero of opioid overdose crisis

Vancouver police Chief Adam Palmer held a press conference on Friday to announce the city's opioid crisis had become even more alarming: Nine people died of drug overdoses the night before. CBC News recently spent a shift in the emergency department at St. Paul's Hospital to observe the crisis first-hand.

B.C. government provides 3 different fentanyl spending estimates in 3 days

The amount of money B.C. is spending to prevent fentanyl overdoses seems to depend on which day the question is asked.
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B.C. allocated 10 times more to fight swine flu than fentanyl crisis

B.C. put $80 million towards fighting swine flu, which killed 57 people in 2009. According to a freedom of information request, the province has allocated less than $6 million to the fentanyl crisis, which has killed more than 600 this year.

Ottawa expected to compensate 500 past and present female RCMP employees over harassment claims

Five hundred female RCMP employees, led by former Cpl. Janet Merlo are expected to be compensated in a deal struck to settle what would have been a class action lawsuit against the federal government over sexual harassment and discrimination in the RCMP.
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'A major barrier': Make drugs that prevent fentanyl deaths free, families and experts say

Families and experts say drugs that prevent fentanyl deaths should be free if governments are serious about preventing fentanyl deaths.
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'It keeps calling my name': Fentanyl overdose in B.C. rehab centre prompts coroner's inquest

"I'm struggling, I can't hold it," Michelle Jansen remembers her 20-year-old son telling her when she visited him on his third day of rehab. She says she asked the medical team to do something because he was in a "very dangerous period" but hours later he was dead.
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'It's like pulling teeth': No treatment bed for B.C. fentanyl addict who returned from the dead

Bryson Diaz has overdosed 11 times in his 23 years. Paramedics had to bring him back to life the last time. Now he wants to kick his habit, but like many addicts in B.C., he can't find a spot in the publicly funded system.