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Nadia Jannif is a producer for CBC Vancouver. You can connect with her on Twitter @njannif.

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BIPOC students find validation, hope amid discussions about race at Black History Month youth conference

The conference held by the Burnaby School District encourages BIPOC attendees to share their first-hand experiences, including dealing with the N-word and how racism impacts their mental health.

Mural reclaims viaducts in memory of Vancouver's Hogan's Alley

Walking along Union Street next to Vancouver's Dunsmuir Viaduct near Main Street isn’t so grey and dreary anymore thanks to these Black artists' new murals.

How to become an ally: Educators, community leaders explain ways to stand up to anti-Black racism

As messages of solidarity with Black people are being shared by people of all races, academics and community leaders describe what it means — and what it takes — to become an ally.

Lil'wat student goes to UBC to learn how to help revitalize Ucwalmícwts

The Lil’wat Nation, an Interior Salish people living in Mount Currie, B.C., has more than 2,000 members but there are only a few hundred left that speak the Ucwalmícwts language fluently.

But where are you really from? A seemingly simple question, with a complicated answer

'Where are you from?' It's a simple question that's often asked as a way to get to know one another better, or so we assume. But the question can stir up a multitude of emotions from people of colour in Canada.

Muslims in Metro Vancouver prepare to celebrate Eid al-Fitr after month-long Ramadan fast

The celebration of Eid involves prayer, exchanging treats and delicious food.

Muslims connect with faith during Ramadan by giving as well as fasting

Muslim in B.C. are expanding the way they connect with their faith during Ramadan by launching a virtual food drive in hopes of raising funds to provide for clients.

No food, no water: Metro Vancouver Muslims begin fasting for Ramadan

If you have Muslim neighbours, you may notice their kitchen lights are on very early in the morning. That’s likely because they are observing the month of Ramadan.