Michelle Ghoussoub

Reporter, CBC News

Michelle Ghoussoub is a television, radio and digital reporter with CBC News in Vancouver. Reach her at michelle.ghoussoub@cbc.ca or on Twitter @MichelleGhsoub.

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Chelsea Poorman's body lay in Shaughnessy for more than a year. But her death was not considered suspicious

Chelsea Poorman vanished from downtown Vancouver in September 2020. Nineteen months later, her body was found near a vacant mansion. Now her family is demanding answers.

B.C. poultry farmers bring in quarantine measures as avian flu spreads

As cases of avian flu continue to spread across Canada, B.C. poultry farmers are implementing quarantine measures from the highly infectious virus that can cause mass death in chicken flocks.

Thousands of expats cast votes in Lebanon's election, hoping independent candidates can bring change

Thousands of Lebanese living in Canada are heading to polling stations Sunday to cast their votes in the country's first national elections since mass protests in 2019, a startling economic downturn and the blast that devastated much of the capital Beirut.

Months after mass die-off of sea creatures in B.C. heat dome, researchers return in search of signs of life

Ten months after the heat dome decimated the populations of marine life that dot B.C.'s shores, researchers have returned to comb the beaches in hopes of seeing signs of a resurgence.

B.C.'s child vaccine rate for COVID-19 is among the lowest in Canada. Why have efforts stalled?

B.C. has among the lowest child vaccination rates in Canada, second only to Alberta, where 48 per cent of children have received one dose.

How the technology that powers crypto is being used for more than money

In B.C., Indigenous artists are leveraging blockchain to secure their art, while researchers are studying how the technology can better protect personal health information.

B.C. says its climate plan is world leading. So why are emissions going in the wrong direction?

While B.C. has touted its own climate plan as among the best in the world, climate experts and environmental advocates point out that the province's emissions keep climbing — in part due to ongoing investment in fossil fuels.

Young B.C. families are having fewer children, opting out of parenthood as cost of living skyrockets

Data from Statistics Canada show 19 per cent of Canadians aged 19 to 45 say they plan on having fewer children than they did prior to the pandemic. Another 14 per cent say they've delayed having children, citing economic pressures and the rising cost of living.

Record-low supply, bidding wars push housing prices skyward across Lower Mainland

Realtors say a record-low housing supply, coupled with fears of rising interest rates, have pushed prices so high even current homeowners fear they could become priced out of the market if they try to move to a new property.

You're boosted and have recently recovered from Omicron. What's your risk of reinfection?

Does the antibody cocktail of three vaccine doses and infection-based immunity make you bulletproof against another COVID-19 infection? Here's what experts say.