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3 ways to tell if a candidate is serious about climate change

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing who to vote for in an election. But if you're a voter who's concerned about climate change, here’s how to pick the candidate who will be most effective in addressing it.

How the humble household refrigerator changed the world — for better and for worse

How the ability to create cold on demand changed our relationship with food forever — and the environmental impacts that are only projected to grow.  

Bots like ChatGPT aren't sentient. Why do we insist on making them seem like they are?

A look at the philosophical implications of interacting with tools that don't have consciousness, or even intelligence, but seem like they do.

Iranian government's digital control tactics are a sophisticated form of repression, says researcher

When a new technology comes along, it's easy to see its liberating potential. But as current protests in Iran show, those same digital tools for organizing and communicating, can also be used for surveillance and suppression.

After decades of dwindling runs, sockeye salmon return to Yukon fishing village in droves

The number of sockeye returning to Klukshu, Yukon, to spawn began to drop off in the 1990s. This year, hundreds of the bright red fish line the small creek that winds through the village.

What's in a name? The (mostly) true story of Ha Ling Peak

Though calls to name an iconic Rocky Mountain peak in Ha Ling's honour go back as far as his legendary 1886 ascent, the name "Chinaman's Peak" stuck for more than a century, even as the term came to be seen as a racial slur. An Absolutely Canadian documentary on the peak explores the story — and the politics of place names more generally.

How to fix the toxic Star Wars fandom that bullied Kelly Marie Tran off the internet

Why do so-called fans of a franchise like Star Wars go as far as targeted social media attacks on a lead actor? And what does it have to do with identity politics and the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right?

Pipeline pressure: Experts divided on whether Trans Mountain expansion would lower gas prices

Experts generally agree that expanding the pipeline would have some downward effect on regional gas prices — but it would be far from an overnight fix.

For many, speeding is the 'drug of choice.' Why are we so addicted?

We ask a criminal psychologist and a pro race car driver to break down the allure of speed, it's dangers and why some of us can't get enough.

For these B.C. businesses, $15 is already the minimum wage

Local business owners say it doesn't come without costs, but it's just good business to invest in your employees.