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Pipeline pressure: Experts divided on whether Trans Mountain expansion would lower gas prices

Experts generally agree that expanding the pipeline would have some downward effect on regional gas prices — but it would be far from an overnight fix.

For many, speeding is the 'drug of choice.' Why are we so addicted?

We ask a criminal psychologist and a pro race car driver to break down the allure of speed, it's dangers and why some of us can't get enough.

For these B.C. businesses, $15 is already the minimum wage

Local business owners say it doesn't come without costs, but it's just good business to invest in your employees.

Vancouver's Rio Theatre is for sale, but film fans needn't fear

One of Vancouver's last independent movie theatres is up for sale, but don't hold your breath for it to be turned into condos just yet — booming business and city support have the owners confident in the Rio's future.

'Unbelievable heart': Granville Street victim remembered by friends, coworkers

Tributes are pouring in for a nightclub worker who was killed trying to break up a fight at Cabana Lounge on Vancouver's Granville Street strip early Saturday morning.

Could you receive a missile text alert on your phone? In B.C., not yet

In Canada, provinces are responsible for emergency management, and they determine who is authorized to use the system to send out alerts.

2 professional movie hecklers pick the best (and worst) holiday films

With almost five years of professional movie heckling under their belts, comedians Eric Fell and Patrick Maliha joined B.C. Almanac guest host Dan Burritt to take listener calls from around the province about the most loved — and loathed — in holiday entertainment.

Vancouver councillor wants to rezone West Point Grey for rental apartments

The NPA's Hector Bremner wants to rezone a 151-acre section of West Point Grey to allow for six-storey, rental-only apartment buildings. It would be a big change for a part of town filled with what Bremner calls "mandated mansions."

Warming oceans may cause the world's fish to shrink, study suggests

As climate change continues to warm the world's oceans, a new study suggests the fish that inhabit them may, in response, shrink in size as much as 30 per cent in the next 30 years.

DFO does not adequately monitor B.C. salmon spawning streams, study suggests

The study from Simon Fraser University found that visits by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to spawning streams have been steadily declining since the 1980s.