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Maryse Zeidler is a reporter for CBC News in Vancouver, covering news from across British Columbia. You can reach her at

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Would you pay $800 a month to live in a closet? In Vancouver, that may be all you can afford

Exorbitant rents in Metro Vancouver are nothing new, but renters in the region say the listings they’re coming across have reached a whole new level of absurdity. 

Anti-anxiety medication helps make rescued cats more adoptable, study finds

A PhD student at UBC in Vancouver is helping to rehabilitate cats rescued from hoarding environments so they can avoid being euthanized. 

Amazon Canada showcases new office tower amid layoffs, return to office pushback

The upcoming debut of Amazon's newest office space at the former post office depot in downtown Vancouver is generating buzz among the city's business and tech sectors, despite mass layoffs in the industry and higher-than-ever office vacancy rates. 

He's 69 and he walks 10 km around this Vancouver park every day

Dr. Dalvinder Singh Toor has been walking around Winona Park for 15 years. Rain or shine. In sickness and in health. 

Yes B.C., it's hot out there — but here's why meteorologists aren't calling it a 'heat dome'

With temperatures soaring to more than 30 C in parts of the province this weekend, some B.C. residents may be wondering why they're not hearing the term 'heat dome' as they did in 2021.

Bird banding takes flight in Metro Vancouver

Across Canada, hundreds of volunteers gather at this time of year to monitor and band migratory birds. 

B.C. adds migraine medication to coverage, but 'life-changing' drug left off the list

B.C.'s Ministry of Health recently started covering a relatively new migraine prevention medication that some call a "game changer," but others are left wondering why a similar drug was left off the list. 

Can you help this B.C. man find the descendants of the owner of this antique jewelry?

Travis Bussard, 39, says he found the Georgian-era mourning pin while he was out metal detecting with his father near Riverside Park in Kamloops last week.  memento

A growing number of B.C. winemakers are investing in sustainability — here's why

B.C.'s changing climate has had a tremendous impact on its wine industry in the past few years. Colder winters and hotter summers are hard on the vines, and the increasingly pervasive wildfire smoke can damage the grapes.

B.C. seniors take up boxing to knock out symptoms of Parkinson's disease

The classes of about 10 participants are run by Carm Fulford, a former competitive boxer who has been part of the sport for about 40 years.