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Maryse Zeidler is a reporter for CBC News in Vancouver, covering news from across British Columbia. You can reach her at

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Growing popularity of therapeutic psychedelic experiences creates demand for underground guides

Due to growing demand for therapeutic psychedelic experiences — and a dearth of legitimate or accredited professionals to facilitate them — experts say there is a growing underground market for guides offering their services.

Okanagan ski resort employee dies after getting stuck under snow groomer

RCMP say a 70-year-old employee of Mount Baldy Resort, near Oliver, B.C., died Friday afternoon after he got stuck under a snow groomer.

E-bikes that look like motorcycles take another hit in B.C. Court of Appeal decision

The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling that e-bikes designed to look and function more like mopeds or scooters do not meet the province's definition of a motor-assisted cycle and therefore require a driver's licence, registration and insurance.

Dog rescued from shaft under back porch in White Rock, B.C.

Late Friday morning Wade Deisman was in his home in White Rock, B.C, when he heard some barking and figured his neighbours must have gotten a puppy. 

Canadian libraries increasingly scrapping late fees to boost access to services

Long considered a tool to encourage patrons to return materials on time, in the past few years hundreds of public libraries have decided late fees do more harm than good by keeping away low-income and disadvantaged readers. 

Vancouver to update noise bylaw in response to anti-gay preachers in West End

Vancouver city councillors will discuss an upgraded version of its municipal noise bylaws in response to a man preaching anti-gay messages with a microphone and amplifier in the West End last summer. 

COVID-19 'long-hauler' calls for greater availability of antibody tests in B.C. to determine spread of virus

Like others who believe they contracted the virus early in the pandemic, Basil Cohen wants COVID-19 antibody tests, which look for proteins developed in response to an infection, to be more accessible and widely used in B.C. 

Targeted shooting victim deserves to be remembered as caring young woman, uncle says

Ryan Morris says his niece Shana Harris-Morris, 23, was the person who died in a shooting in Surrey, B.C., last week. He says his niece had some troubles but he wants people to know she was loved by the people who knew her.

As Vancouver re-examines River District plans, residents say amenities are slow to arrive

The report highlights the challenges of planning for a moving target of amenities that the city has added to its list of priorities over the years. For some residents, the growing pains of a neighbourhood created from scratch are starting to wear thin. 

Vancouver city council to debate encouraging after-hours child-care spaces

Vancouver city councillors will debate a motion next week to increase safe and affordable childc-are spaces available beyond normal working hours.