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Lisa Johnson is an editor and senior writer at CBC News, and a producer of CBC Radio's What On Earth. She enjoys making sense of complicated things and has also reported for CBC TV and radio in B.C. with a specialty in science, nature, and the environment. Get in touch at or through Twitter at @lisasj.

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How fights over what's fair have stalled progress on climate change

What's fair — a concept so fundamental that toddlers and chimpanzees have opinions about it — has been far from simple when it comes to global climate change negotiations. As COP26 begins in Glasgow on Sunday, the pressure is on to move past old stalling tactics.

Mother's Day can bring dread, and these companies are catching on

Mother's Day was already complicated for a lot of reasons, from grief to estrangement to infertility, not to mention the extra strain of the pandemic. Now, a slew of companies are recognizing the sting that can come with a Mother's Day mention, and they're giving customers the chance to opt out.

PNE extends mini-doughnut drive-thru due to overwhelming demand

With this year's Pacific National Exhibition cancelled, the fair tried something new to deliver warm bags of sugary fried dough, and support the concessionaires who have lost their income.

'This is not the time': Heiltsuk Nation tells yachters they can't visit during COVID-19 pandemic

Despite daily exhortations from health-care officials to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and repeated pleas by remote communities to stay away, the Heiltsuk Nation on B.C.'s Central Coast says travellers in yachts and sailboats are still showing up.

ER doctor says B.C. not testing enough for COVID-19, provincial health officer disagrees

An emergency room doctor on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 posted a YouTube video this weekend to share his concerns about testing and public complacency — and has gotten a response from B.C.'s provincial health officer.

No COVID-19 testing for cluster of illness after Vancouver memorial service

Nearly a dozen people who attended a memorial service on Vancouver's West Side when gatherings were still allowed have fallen ill. They'v been told they are not eligible for testing — illustrating B.C.'s changing strategy against COVID-19.

'Help is on the way' for renters during coronavirus crisis, says B.C. housing minister

If the COVID-19 pandemic hits vulnerable populations like Vancouver's DTES, plans are in place to move people to isolate them, while officials warn of the challenge next week when income assistance cheques are distributed Wednesday.

HIV rate in B.C. expected to hit record low in 2019

After years of steady decline from using HIV/AIDS treatment as prevention, B.C. officials expect 2019 may show the lowest number of new diagnoses since the peak of the epidemic in the mid-1990s.

Century-old wood used to pave early Vancouver splintering in heat

Hidden below the streets of downtown Vancouver, under decades of asphalt, there's a layer of history that reminds us how the City of Glass used to be built of wood — and paved with it too.

'Same company, 2nd spill': 1,000 drivers file claims after 2 acid spills wreck cars

Motorists who unwittingly drove through sulphuric acid spilled in Trail, B.C., this spring are crying foul after their vehicles were "totalled" by the corrosive chemical and some still don't have compensation.