Kirk Williams


Kirk Williams is a Vancouver-based reporter for CBC News and has covered a variety of topics from real estate, to politics, and breaking news.

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Can dog owners be evicted for not supplying dog poop samples?

Howls of protest are resonating on Reddit, after a B.C. property manager threatened to evict any dog owners who failed to provide pet fecal samples to help track down the doer of some doggy diarrhea.

Transit referendum: It could be about something much bigger than a tax increase

Transit advocate fears Canadian Taxpayers' Federation is on the verge of convincing green-loving, transit-riding Vancouverites to vote against their best interests.

What now for Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver?

Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver team keep their grip on Vancouver city council, but lose majorities on the park and school boards.

How Vancouver campaign finance revelations could affect voters

For the first time, Vancouver's civic parties have voluntarily revealed who has donated to their campaigns, with less than a week to go before the munipal elections Saturday.

City Votes 2014: talk trumps solutions in Vancouver

Pipelines, a UBC subway and the housing market may be sexy subjects, but municipal politics is really about parks, community centres and yes, bike lanes.

Iconic 'Wait For Me, Daddy' WW II photo unveiled as sculpture

'Wait For Me, Daddy,' a photo taken of a boy running after his father as he heads to battle, became an iconic symbol of Canada at war. Now, a series of sculptures depicting the scene in the image have been unveiled.

Vancouver real estate breaks $2M mark east of Fraser Street

For the first time a 33 ft. wide lot east of Fraser Street has sold for more than $2 million.

Vancouver Aquarium uses hexacopter drone to monitor whale pods

The Vancouver Aquarium has used a drone to study killer whales from above for the first time. The images it captured have allowed biologists to detect pregnancies and measure the girth of the whales.

Rescued seal pup dies: Vancouver Aquarium

A seal pup rescued from the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island has died at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Scottish referendum could lead to B.C. flag flap

If Scots vote 'Yes' for independence and the United Kingdom is no longer united, what does that mean for British Columbia's flag which proudly incorporates the Union Jack?