Kiran Singh

Kiran Singh is an award-winning journalist with a passion for international education and investigative reporting. Formerly serving as CBC's Surrey Pop Up Bureau reporter, he currently works as a story producer with On the Coast. Reach him at or @vancitysingh on all social media platforms.

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Provincial regulator orders Granville College to refund $10K after misleading an international student

After months of uncertainty about her immigration status and education in Canada, Shivani Sharma will be getting a refund from Granville College, a private institution in Vancouver. The Private Training Institutions Branch found it misled Sharma, and is investigating the college after other complaints.

From Bollywood to Broadway: Indian musical Mughal-E-Azam hits the stage in Vancouver

Mughal-E-Azam is a Broadway style Indian musical based on a 1960 movie with the same name and it's in Vancouver this weekend.

How a fake Hindu nation duped 3 B.C. cities

The cities of Surrey, Victoria, and Nanaimo mistakenly signed proclamations submitted by a fake country, run by an Indian fugitive, that has been targeting politicians across North America to legitimize their cause.

Commercial photographers will need $400 permit to shoot in Metro Vancouver regional parks

Starting in 2025, commercial photographers will need an annual permit, costing $400, to shoot in Metro Vancouver regional parks. The process is being tested now at Langley's Campbell Valley Regional Park.

How these South Asian women are finding their voice through podcasting

Podcasts are helping some South Asian women have their voices heard and recognized in a community that relies heavily on conventional forms of media, including community radio.

Surrey urged to get more creative to meet demand for swim lessons as pandemic restrictions ease

With the city unable to keep up with demand, Surrey parents say they're frustrated trying to enroll their children in swimming classes.

2 B.C. private colleges accused of shortchanging international students through misleading tactics

Private colleges are a popular route for international students to get a foothold in Canada. But two Vancouver colleges are being accused of not providing the instruction that was promised and making it difficult for students to get refunds when they tried to get out.

7 Black B.C.-based authors to read this Black History Month — and beyond

From poets and novelists to memoirists, here are some Black, British Columbia-based authors to read the rest of Black History Month — and every month thereafter.

Surrey's former ethics commissioner says more provincial oversight needed for office to be effective

As the city moves toward hiring a new ethics commissioner this year, Reece Harding says a lot needs to change in order for the ethics commissioner's office to be more transparent, independent and effective.

After just 2½ years, the future of Surrey's groundbreaking ethics office is uncertain

When Surrey announced it would be the first municipality in B.C. to have an ethics commissioner, it was hoped it would usher in a new era of transparency at city hall. But little more than two years later, the future of the office is in limbo.