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Justin is the Municipal Affairs Reporter for CBC Vancouver, covering local political stories throughout British Columbia.

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B.C. looks to improve lower COVID-19 vaccination rates in the Interior as potential 4th wave looms

In the past three weeks, the number of daily COVID-19 cases in British Columbia have tripled, while the delta variant has grown to become the most dominant strain in the province. 

B.C.'s 150th anniversary in Canada comes and goes with little attention

The gap between funding announcements and concrete plans reflects the ongoing transition in many governments in Canada in talking about colonial history.  

COVID-19 in British Columbia by the numbers

We hope these regularly updated charts are helpful in your broad understanding of how COVID-19 is affecting this province.

Is B.C.'s COVID-19 death rate really as low as official numbers show?

If all excess deaths were due to COVID-19 but not reported as such, it would still put B.C. below Quebec and Ontario, every major state and the vast majority of western European countries — but it wouldn’t make B.C. look as much of an outlier, or perhaps deserving of praise in international media.

We looked at the origins of every public school name in B.C. Here's what we found

To help provide a systematic analysis, we've analyzed all 1,386 unique public school names in British Columbia and what they were named for.

Vancouver knows its school names don't reflect the city today. Here's what it's doing about it

The City of Vancouver has double the number of schools named for notable Britons as it does for women, and as many schools named for British Prime Ministers as it does people of colour.

B.C. aims for another 'maintenance phase' of the pandemic that it hopes goes better than the first

What happens when talking about the pandemic every day stops becoming a central point of political life? British Columbia is probably about to find out. 

Why you still can't legally drink in Vancouver parks, 2½ years after the park board began studying the issue

The Vancouver Park Board's governance structure is unique in that the board is elected, with separate powers and responsibilities from city council, and those responsibilities are outlined by the Vancouver Charter — meaning any significant changes to its oversight come from the province. 

99% of letters oppose rezoning for proposed school and social housing in Coal Harbour

It’s almost impossible in local politics for 99 per cent of people to agree on anything. But in the days before a public hearing for a proposed school and social housing complex in a parking lot next to the Coal Harbour Community Centre, it was achieved — in opposition.

Vancouver mayor moves to change street named for colonial leader who cut size of B.C. reserves

Mayor Kennedy Stewart said he would be putting forward a motion to change the name of Trutch Street, a 17-block road in Kitsilano named for Joseph Trutch, who served as lieutenant governor from 1871 to 1876.