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Justin is the Municipal Affairs Reporter for CBC Vancouver, covering local political stories throughout British Columbia.

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Here are the candidates for Vancouver mayor and council

In Vancouver's last election, voters were asked to choose between 71 candidates for 10 city council slots, a record number for the city and the biggest ballot for local voters in Canada.

NPA's John Coupar ends campaign for Vancouver mayor

Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association announced Friday morning that John Coupar, currently a park board commissioner, had resigned as its mayoral candidate.

B.C. Housing's CEO retired the same way its board was overhauled — quickly, without anyone answering questions

Many of the questions surrounding B.C. Housing will remain after Shayne Ramsay's retirement as CEO — questions that, for the moment, aren't being answered. 

The only Vancouver party that promised to get rid of the park board has reversed its position

The Vancouver mayoral candidate who promised to get rid of the city's independent park board is now saying he'd like to keep it.  

Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov announces he won't be seeking re-election

Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov told city council Tuesday that he won't be seeking re-election due to changing priorities in his life. 

'It's a mess': Why Vancouver council meetings are seen by some as the most inefficient in Canada

CBC News analyzed the length of city council meetings across Metro Vancouver and found that since the last election, Vancouver averaged more than 15 meetings every year that have required multiple days to complete.

We looked at every motion put forward by a Vancouver councillor this term. Here's what we found

CBC News has done an analysis of every motion put forward by Vancouver councillors and Mayor Kennedy Stewart since they were elected, and found 313 separate motions of substance — an all-time record for any Vancouver council in modern history.

In 5-way Surrey mayoral race, organization will matter more than ideology

Gordie Hogg (a former Liberal MLA and MP) joins Brenda Locke (a former Liberal MLA), Sukh Dhaliwal (a Liberal MP) and Jinny Sims (an NDP MLA) in hoping to usurp incumbent Doug McCallum, who wants to be re-elected. 

Judge orders Surrey to amend controversial political sign bylaw, clarify that single signs are still allowed

The B.C. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Surrey's controversial sign bylaw is not illegal. But it also ordered the city to make amendments to its legislation, and make explicit that a single political lawn sign is permitted at any time.

Here's the salary of every mayor and councillor in British Columbia

An analysis by CBC News of the 2021 salary of every mayor and councillor in British Columbia showed that local politicians in Metro Vancouver were paid significantly higher than those in the rest of the province with similar population sizes.