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Cycling advocates call for safer bicycle parking options in the bike theft capital of Canada

Cycling advocates say bicycle theft is a large barrier in the city that keeps many would-be riders from strapping on a helmet and hitting one of the city’s many bike lanes.

Closing up shop: Vancouver's Chinatown battered by crime, COVID-19 and dirty streets

In its heyday, Vancouver’s Chinatown was a bustling community. But today the streets are mostly empty. There are almost as many wooden boards covering the windows of shops as there are neon 'open' signs.

Vancouver still has the most bike thefts per capita among major Canadian cities, despite efforts

Laura Fortey thought she and her partner did everything they could to protect their bicycles. 

Community search for missing Port Moody woman on hold as police ask for dashcam video

Trina Hunt, 48, has been missing from her home in the Heritage Mountain area since Monday, according to the Port Moody Police Department.

Ski group on the hook for $15,000 bill while operator declines refunds and deferrals

When Steve Spencer of Rossland, B.C., and his friends entered a lottery back in May to book a backcountry ski trip in the West Kootenay, provincial COVID-19 case counts were low and staycations near home encouraged. Now they can't get out of it.

Her husband was in hospital for 5 weeks. They stayed connected by phone but racked up a huge bill

Graham Boyle, 77, was a patient at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster for five weeks in November and December.

Front-line workers on disability assistance marginalized during pandemic, advocacy group says

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities says the pandemic has exposed the inadequacy of the government's income assistance program for persons with disabilities.

Lack of legal cannabis in B.C.'s 'access deserts' is helping illicit market thrive, retailers say

Across a large swath of B.C.’s South Coast, there lies an area the cannabis industry has dubbed an access desert. It’s a group of municipalities that — two years after legalization — still doesn’t have retail cannabis outlets within its boundaries.

B.C. musician and teacher who died of COVID-19 was devoted to community and 'never afraid to show love'

Anton Kolstee, 71, died of COVID-19 on Dec. 8. Kolstee was a musician, academic, teacher and mentor and was passionate about Indigenous communities in B.C., said his son, Jullian.

B.C.'s COVID-19 income and disability assistance top-up will soon be cut in half

The opposition B.C. Liberals are decrying what they call a government “clawback” of a supplemental COVID-19 benefit for people on income and disability assistance.