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Tackling misinformation with Minecraft: How these B.C. students are learning to separate fact from fiction

Students at a Coquitlam middle school are learning about the dangers of online misinformation using tools to help spot the difference between fact and fiction.

A B.C. comedian prank-called Alex Jones. Now, Jones has threatened legal action

A Vancouver-based comedian has become the target of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones's ire after he prank called the InfoWars founder.

UBC objects to research assistants' right to unionize at Labour Relations Board

CUPE 2278, which also represents teaching assistants at UBC, filed to expand its bargaining unit by including graduate research assistants. UBC graduate assistants are set to cast ballots in a union representation vote on Monday.

Squamish Nation puts year-long pause on development proposals, begins work on land-use masterplan

The Squamish Nation says it will embark on a land-planning process over the next year to determine how best to develop almost 1.5 square kilometres of reserve land for financial and social benefit.

Lolita the orca is returning home to Puget Sound after more than 50 years in captivity

Lolita the orca will soon be swimming in her home waters of Puget Sound in Washington state after more than half a century in captivity.

Unaffordable affordable homes: Rent at some single room occupancy units more than $1,000

Across downtown Vancouver, there are more than 160 single-room occupancy [SRO] buildings that contain small single rooms, usually with a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

B.C. pharmacist suspended for 30 days for faking COVID-19 vaccination status at height of pandemic

A B.C. pharmacist has been suspended from the provincial College of Pharmacists for a month for faking his COVID-19 vaccination status in August 2021.

Nowruz celebrations in B.C. 'solemn' amid political unrest in Iran

Metro Vancouver residents are standing by Iranian women fighting for their freedom and safety this Nowruz.

B.C. Hydro to decommission 2 electrical vaults following explosion in Vancouver

B.C. Hydro is set to decommission a pair of electrical vaults in Vancouver that used similar equipment to the vault that exploded last month, injuring two people and damaging a downtown building.

Thousands gathered on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for 32nd annual Women's Memorial March

The streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside were a sea of movement as chants filled the air and signs were hoisted for the 32nd annual Women's Memorial March on Tuesday.