Jean Paetkau

Associate producer, CBC Victoria

Jean Paetkau is an award-winning writer who works as an associate producer for CBC Victoria. Her work includes writing for digital, TV, radio and print.

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Vancouver Island artist shares the Bob Ross painting style with students

Sharon March grew up watching the Bob Ross painting TV program, The Joy of Painting, which aired from 1983 to 1994 on PBS.

Victoria's teacup tree brimming with beauty — and inspiration — in spring

Victoria resident Rory Palmer honours the memory of his late grandmother Eleanor in his own unique way: adorning a plum tree in his neighbourhood with the teacups and teapots that remind him of her social grace and the tea parties she loved to throw.

Victoria exhibit shares the beauty and legacy of intricately beaded Indigenous designs

On Beaded Ground at Victoria's Legacy Art Gallery gives visitors a chance to view beaded creations that have been stored in vaults for decades as well as vibrant work by contemporary Indigenous artists.

Fewer vendors and more Plexiglas — a summer market returns to Victoria's Inner Harbour

After a one year hiatus due to COVID-19 health restrictions, a smaller version of a market for local artisans and food vendors will return to the Lower Causeway in Victoria's Inner Harbour.

From plunging into snow to pickling sea kelp, B.C. artists, leaders share their holiday stories

From hunting for an over-sized turkey to early morning bike rides, B.C. artists and community leaders shared how they are raising spirits during the holiday season this year as part of the CBC Bright Lights of December series.

'Cold cotton falling from the sky': A new immigrant shares his first experience with the white stuff

A man who fled the violence of his African country with his family encountered snow for the first time in Victoria this week. He says he has now seen the "real Canada."

Elders and great-grandchildren share the legacy of learning Hul'q'umi'num'

Coast Salish elders are passing on the Hul'q'umi'num' language to the younger generations at a language house on Vancouver Island. Ruby Peter has five generations of language learners in her family that spans from a language nest to the university convocation hall.

A love for drive-in movie theatres creates larger than life Remembrance Day event

A love for drive-in move theatres inspired a Victoria artist to create a larger-than-life Remembrance Day event. Images of veterans from the First World War to the Canadian mission in Afghanistan will be projected on the south tower of a Victoria cathedral.
Point of View

Living with saving a life: How I saved my son from a life-threatening allergy

Last summer, the CBC's Jean Paetkau saved her seven-year-old son from an undiagnosed life-threatening allergy at a local pool. Paetkau describes how emergency training and a career in the newsroom helped her to cope with the crisis. The event changed her relationship with her son, ultimately creating a closer bond.

Urban Regalia fashion exhibit inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Indigenous culture

Gitxan fashion designer Sug-ii-t Lukxs (Yolonda Skelton) says her art is inspired by her grandmother's oral stories and the style of movie star Audrey Hepburn. She says the clothing in her exhibit, Urban Regalia, is a way to pass down Indigenous culture in an urban environment.