Jake Costello

Jake Costello is the studio director of CBC Radio's The Early Edition in Vancouver. You can contact him at jake.costello@cbc.ca

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Still Standing

After 58 years in Vancouver, the show must go on at Metro Theatre

Marpole was a busy neighbourhood with a lively entertainment district when Metro Theatre was founded in the south Vancouver neighbourhood 58 years ago. Today, it's harder to fill the seats.
Still Standing

Boorman Archery still hits the mark after 56 years in New Westminster, B.C.

Movie stars and Olympians have learned marksmanship through Boorman Archery, which has been open in New Westminster, B.C., for more than half a century.

Knead-to-know bread-making tips from B.C.'s reality TV baking champion

Former Great Canadian Baking Show champion Andrei Godoroja dispels some common mistakes people make when baking bread at home.

Does listening to Christmas music too early spoil the eggnog?

'Tis the season when people gather around to argue whether the middle of November is too early to listen to Christmas Music.
Growing Vegan

Meet the non-vegan chef behind Vancouver's most sought-after vegan creations

Chef Tomoko Tahara has worked at meatless restaurants Acorn and Harken, but enjoys all types of food herself.
Still Standing

So-ya like tofu? Rise in alternative diets good business for Vancouver company

From the back room of a market on the Downtown Eastside, to employing over 200 people, Sunrise Soya Foods is doing big business after six decades of selling tofu.
Night Shift

Reporter's notebook: an overnight stint on the graveyard shift

It was almost 11 p.m., and I was starting my day.
Night Shift

'Everybody has a story': Shelter workers say their clients deserve to be treated humanely

It's a battle to survive when the sun goes down for homeless people in Vancouver.
Night Shift

'It's one of the most rewarding jobs': A ride-along with an overnight paramedic

As a paramedic specialist, Brian Twaites is part of a medical network that doesn’t have the privilege of shutting down for the night.
Night Shift

This is life on the night shift: armed robberies, pure exhaustion and beating time zone differences

From responding to emergency calls to running 24-hour shops, there are plenty of jobs that start as the rest of the world settles into bed for the night.