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Canada may see more 'zombie fires' as climate warms and winters shorten: experts

Blazes that continue to burn through the winter in Canada were once thought to be a myth, but the so-called zombie fires may become more common as temperatures get warmer and less snow falls, experts say.

Dry spring could create wildfire trouble for Western Canada: experts

Wildfire conditions are cause for concern this year as parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia report either significant drought or record low rainfall between January and April, experts say.

Rare yellow bird needs wild roses to survive in British Columbia, researcher says

The yellow-breasted chat's rescue from the brink of extinction in British Columbia hinges on an oft-overlooked wild flower in the province's Okanagan region.

Trans Mountain pipeline construction ordered paused in B.C. bird nesting area

Environment and Climate Change Canada has ordered a temporary halt to the construction of a segment of the pipeline through a forest in Burnaby, B.C.

Grizzly bears prefer walking on gentle slopes at a leisurely pace like humans, study says

Grizzly bears seem to favour gently sloping or flat trails like those commonly used by people, which can affect land management practices in wild areas, says an expert who has written a paper on their travel patterns.

Chinook salmon supply in winter key to survival of killer whales, study says

Endangered southern resident killer whales would have a much better chance of survival if chinook salmon were in their hunting grounds during winter off the coast of British Columbia, a new study says.

B.C. argues health orders balance COVID-19 safety considerations with religious rights

The British Columbia government says the provincial health officer has to strike a balance between curbing the spread of COVID-19 and religious practice, which may at times affect certain rights under the Canadian charter.

Woman in B.C. waits for delivery of brother's ashes, fears they may be lost in mail

The ashes were supposed to arrive by Christmas Eve, and at this point Courtney Baker said she's checked the tracking number so many times she knows it by heart.

Vancouver's climate plan 'first 10 steps in a journey of 10,000,' says expert

Motorists would have to pay a fee to drive into Vancouver's downtown core under a plan to slow climate change, but one expert says while city council's goals are laudable, they could also lead to financial hardship for some.

B.C. education minister wants to avoid school closures completely

British Columbia's education minister hopes the government will be able to avoid school closures under any scenario but he would defer to advice from public health officials should COVID-19 cases worsen.