Gian-Paolo Mendoza

Video Producer

Gian-Paolo (GP) Mendoza is a video producer and drone operator with CBC Vancouver. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @gpsmendoza.

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How this partially sighted B.C. gamer learned to play Super Mario

Jalen Berg is a partially sighted gamer from Langley, B.C., who has learned how to play video games without actually being able to see them.

This East Vancouver cafe made coffee from berries it harvested on site

Over the past few years, Laughing Bean Coffee has grown and harvested coffee berries from a plant that grows in the corner of the shop. This week, those berries were roasted and staff finally got to taste the hyper-local brew. 

How the technology that powers crypto is being used for more than money

In B.C., Indigenous artists are leveraging blockchain to secure their art, while researchers are studying how the technology can better protect personal health information.
Mabuhay B.C.

These Christmas packages are destined for the Philippines — but floods have delayed them from being shipped

Recent disruptions in the supply chain due to flooding in southern B.C. have delayed many balikbayan boxes — gift packages sent by overseas Filipinos to their families in the Philippines — from being shipped.

Vancouver clockmaker eyes retirement as the clock counts down on daylight saving time

Horologist Raymond Saunders, best known for building the Gastown steam clock in Vancouver, says he’s ready to retire from setting clocks to focus on his own collection of timepieces.

Vancouver restaurant serves up non-lethal Squid Game-themed menu for Halloween

Chef Han Seung-min is cooking up a mix of traditional and modern Korean dishes at Sai Woo in Vancouver’s Chinatown, while guests play children’s games based on the Netflix show.

B.C. drone racers take flight after a year and a half on the ground

The high-adrenaline hobby of first-person-view (FPV) drone racing has grown more popular in B.C. over the pandemic, both as a solo activity and now as a community sport.
Mabuhay B.C.

Woman with hearing loss makes hearing aid accessories inspired by Filipino culture

Ruzzelle Gasmen is selling custom-made hearing aid accessories in the form of motifs from her Filipino heritage to raise money for people who can’t afford hearing aids in B.C.
Mabuhay B.C.

Why Filipino names are quirky, expressive and rich with culture and history

Concepts of love, kinship and family are written into the thousands of unconventional names Filipinos have been given over centuries.
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These B.C. podcasters are calling out toxic attitudes in Filipino culture

Podcast hosts and sisters Archieta and Archierose Natividad are using their show Filipino Fridays to call out harmful attitudes in Filipino culture and unite the millennial diaspora.