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Georgie Smyth is a CBC network reporter and producer in Vancouver. She has previously produced and reported for BBC World News in London and reported and presented for Nine News Australia. Georgie is focused on local, national and international stories that affect all Canadians. News tips to

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Oregon decriminalized drugs 2 years ago. What can B.C. learn from its rocky start?

Oregon become the first jurisdiction in North America to decriminalize drugs in 2021. It hasn't been smooth sailing, but there are some lessons in the challenges for British Columbia.

Fed up with bars that wouldn't play women's sports, she opened one that plays nothing but

The Sports Bra, a sports bar in Portland, Ore., that unapologetically shows only women's games is inspiring people to think about equality in sports.

As California faces droughts and floods together, farmers look to new water technologies

California has borne the brunt of a parade of wet weather since the end of 2022 but still struggles to store it amid an ongoing drought. Scientists and farmers are hoping to change that.

Forget Halloween — here's the scary story of a fungus coming for B.C.'s bats

Biologists say most people's understanding of bats is based in myth and fiction. As part of Bat Week, they want the public to think about protecting these vital 'natural pest controllers.'

A dozen white sturgeon died recently in a B.C. river. Scientists are racing to figure out what killed them

While the white sturgeon population is endangered, premature deaths of the fish are exceptionally rare. So when 12 were found dead on B.C.'s Nechako River in August and September — with no wounds or telltale signs of what killed them — scientists were baffled.

Northern B.C. patients wait just to get on a wait list as HR reports show doctor shortage continues

Human resources reports from B.C.'s Northern Health authority, long plagued by staffing shortages and ER closures, offer the latest glimpse into Canada's ongoing health-care crisis. 

Salmon fishers in B.C. face decision of whether to quit industry via federal licence buyback plan

The federal government is introducing a buyback program for commercial licences by the end of this year, but those in the industry say more information about the divisive plan is long overdue.

Authorities hope to reach survivors trapped in Canadian-owned mine in Burkina Faso

The race to reach eight workers trapped in a flooded, Canadian-owned zinc mine in West Africa is making progress. 

Filipinos in Canada weigh in on the presidential election from afar, with money and votes

The Philippines is electing a new president but the campaign hasn't been cordial for its candidates or supporters, with the son of a former dictator in the lead. Filipinos in Canada reflect on the divisive vote and wonder what the result will mean for the country.

Sunflowers, soup and art: How Canadians are fundraising for Ukraine

Canadians are finding creative ways to raise money for charities assisting in the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.