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Georgie Smyth is a CBC network reporter and producer in Vancouver. She has previously produced and reported for BBC World News in London and reported and presented for Nine News Australia. Georgie is focused on local, national and international stories that affect all Canadians. News tips to

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Authorities hope to reach survivors trapped in Canadian-owned mine in Burkina Faso

The race to reach eight workers trapped in a flooded, Canadian-owned zinc mine in West Africa is making progress. 

Filipinos in Canada weigh in on the presidential election from afar, with money and votes

The Philippines is electing a new president but the campaign hasn't been cordial for its candidates or supporters, with the son of a former dictator in the lead. Filipinos in Canada reflect on the divisive vote and wonder what the result will mean for the country.

Sunflowers, soup and art: How Canadians are fundraising for Ukraine

Canadians are finding creative ways to raise money for charities assisting in the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

2 B.C. doctors went on a COVID-19 speaking tour. Colleagues say their misinformation put public at risk

Some B.C. doctors say the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons is not acting fast enough to reprimand doctors disseminating misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines that they say could put the public at risk.

Benzodiazepines 'a major problem' in illicit drug supply

Benzodiazepines are turning up in more drug samples and overdose reports in B.C. and Ontario. The drugs are being found alongside opioids like fentanyl, and experts warn the combination is more bad news for the contaminated supply.

Needle phobias are preventing some people from getting COVID-19 vaccines. These interventions could help

Researchers and public health workers say there are strategies that could help the four per cent of Canadians with a severe fear of needles get vaccinated against COVID-19 and they should be used more regularly across Canada.

B.C. program wants you to help tackle the climate crisis — on your street

A Vancouver-based climate change workshop is empowering ordinary citizens to take climate action in their own neighbourhood. The program aims to bridge the gaps between complex science, distant policy making and individual climate action.

B.C. businesses reconsidering their ties with China after the Meng and 2 Michaels affair

Relations between Canada and China remain unsettled after three years of diplomatic tensions brought on by the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver in 2018. It might be some time before bilateral ties can mend, experts say — and for many, that leaves a cloud of uncertainty over business relationships with China. 

Pandemic delays leave refugee applicants in Canada in legal limbo

Those applying for refugee status from within Canada say they are stuck in a legal limbo as COVID-19 delays prevent their cases from moving forward. Their frustration comes as the government agrees to expedite the claims of 20,000 Afghans fleeing the Taliban.

Where to go? What happens when nature calls during a pandemic

As more people begin to spend time outdoors, the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the need for more public washrooms in communities across Canada.