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A life of pie: B.C. woman bakes works of art, hopes to create a new industry

Jessica Clark-Bojin is shaking up the baking world with her elaborate pie creations, which range from detailed celebrity portraits to towering three-dimensional "pie-scrapers."

Coaches, players, volunteers increasingly targeted in sports lawsuits, expert says

Sports insurance lawsuits have moved beyond targeting teams and leagues and are increasingly zeroing in on coaches, players and even volunteers, an industry expert says.

Patients' rights violated in B.C. mental health detention system, report says

B.C. needs to overhaul a mental health system that allows psychiatric facilities to detain people with little justification, to deny them access to a lawyer and to take away their personal clothing as a form of punishment, a legal advocacy group says.

B.C. terror trial: Nuttall should have been de-radicalized, says expert

Police officers involved in an undercover terrorism sting posed as spiritual guides and offered "dubious" and "eyebrow-raising" interpretations of Islam.

Police refused to clean Nuttall and Korody's cells of feces, vomit, blood, says lawyer

Vancouver police refused to act even after reports of feces, vomit and blood on jail-cell walls led a judge to demand cleaner conditions for John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, says a lawyer.