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Farrah Merali is a reporter with CBC Toronto with a passion for politics and urban health issues. She previously worked as the early morning reporter at CBC Vancouver. Follow her at @FarrahMerali

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Ontario Votes 2022

'We feel forgotten': The toll the PSW shortage is taking on patients' care in Ontario

Some in health care say the shortage of PSWs in Ontario is worse than it's ever been with many leaving due to burnout and stress. Not only is it leaving vulnerable people without help, it's also putting increasing pressure on those still in the field, and many say whoever wins the next election must act.

A Toronto man's 15-year journey to rid the city of suspected illegal billboards

Dave Meslin’s fight against suspected illegal billboards is now the subject of a new documentary. He says it's about more than just trying to get corporations to follow the rules. It’s also about reclaiming public space and determining who has the right to decide what our city looks like.

'I saw a rage': Anti-racism activists reflect on the Yonge Street uprising 30 years later

On May 4, 1992, anger was simmering over the killing of another Black man in Toronto and the acquittal of four white police officers captured on video beating Rodney King in Los Angeles. That's when a peaceful anti-racism protest devolved into chaos. Activists say much of what those protesters were calling for is still relevant today.

Ukrainian visitor once stuck in limbo now working to build new life in Toronto

One month ago, Svitlana Trofymchuk didn't know how she'd be able to make ends meet. She couldn't return safely to her home in Kyiv, but couldn't work in Canada with her tourist visa. Through the support of the community she now has a job, a work permit and is helping other Ukrainians.

'We need to get it right': Application for final phases of Regent Park revitalization filed with city

More than 15 years after construction began on the Regent Park Revitalization project, a formal application for rezoning has now been submitted to the city for the final two phases of the plan. The proposal includes more density, more affordable housing, and more amenities that community members have been pushing for.

What Toronto wanted in the federal budget for housing — and what it got

One of the central pieces of the federal budget unveiled Thursday was $10 billion earmarked to tackle the affordable housing crisis country-wide. So what was Toronto looking for and what did it get — and what will this mean for one of the least affordable cities in the country?

New Heritage Minutes video shines light on history of slavery in Ontario

The latest Heritage Minute highlights Canada's history of slavery and the path that led to its eventual demise — a story that "needed to be told," according to the head of the organization behind the series.

Ontario's Green Party unveils electric vehicle supply chain strategy ahead of June election

Just two months before the Ontario provincial election, the Greens are releasing their electric vehicle strategy, which the party says will boost demand and bolster the supply chain.

Why gender-based violence in Toronto's Bangladeshi community often goes unreported

A new study from a Toronto not-for-profit is shining a light on domestic violence in the Bangladeshi community. Of the women surveyed, more than half said they experienced gender-based violence during the pandemic but most didn't report it.

Ukrainian tourist stuck in limbo in Canada — unable to return home, unable to work here

When Svitlana Trofymchuk came to visit friends in Toronto last month, she didn't expect her city to be the target of a Russian invasion. She's now hoping to obtain a temporary work permit to make ends meet while she's in Canada.