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Ethan Sawyer is a Network Field Producer for CBC News. You can contact him at, or by phone at (604) 662-6784.

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Soaring cost of baby formula puts extra pressure on new parents

As Canadians struggle to keep up with the rising cost of groceries, new parents are feeling an added pinch, as supply shortages, sparked in part by disruptions from U.S. manufacturers, push the price of baby formula ever higher.

Trouble brewing? Canadian beermakers foresee closures amid economic challenges

Amid a reported increase in restaurant insolvencies, Canada's craft brewers say their razor-thin margins are being sliced even thinner by rising interest rates and production costs, such as production materials, packaging, taxes and transportation.

'I literally can't believe it,' says B.C. Swiftie as she scores coveted Vancouver tickets

Tickets to the Vancouver stops of the singer's Eras Tour have gone on sale, and while one fan's efforts were successful, others lament Ticketmaster and its parent company's approach as 'unfair.'

It's no trick — the cost of Halloween treats is creeping over inflation. But not enough to scare shoppers

Comparing store flyers between October 2022 and October 2023 shows that the price of Nestle's popular 50-piece box of fun-size chocolate bars has outpaced inflation by as much as 17.5% at some of Canada's major grocery chains. Many handing out candy say they won't let costs creeping up affect trick-or-treaters.

'People should be responsible': Victim in alleged sex assault shocked by accused's release

A woman who levelled a sexual assault allegation against a man now linked to three deaths in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside says she was shocked to learn of his criminal history through a CBC report.

Man linked to death of Noelle O'Soup was deemed 'danger to public' — then released from immigration custody

CBC News has uncovered disturbing new details about the deceased occupant of a Vancouver apartment where the remains of a 14-year-old Indigenous girl and a woman were found this spring.

Playing with fire: Why some volunteer firefighters refuse to offer medical service, amid health-care shortages

As communities across British Columbia struggle with a shortage of both ambulances and paramedics, many volunteer fire departments find themselves filling in the gaps, providing emergency medical services to small towns that are often situated an hour or more away from the nearest hospital.

This family doctor is leaving B.C. Other physicians are among her 'orphaned' patients

In June, Coquitlam family doctor Anna Chodyra closed her practice before relocating to New Zealand. She leaves behind thousands of patients, including several doctors, who worry the system may struggle to absorb Chodyra's roster.

Patients turned to telehealth during the pandemic. B.C. doctors say it isn't a long-term solution

As an estimated one million British Columbians struggle to find a family doctor, health-care providers say they are providing more long-distance health care to patients.

Protesters against old-growth logging train for blockades, say they'll keep disrupting traffic until they win

Save Old Growth, the group behind a recent high-profile road blockades around B.C. says they will not stop their campaign of non-violent civil disobedience until the provincial government agrees to completely ban old-growth logging in the province.