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Ethan Sawyer is a journalist for CBC Vancouver. You can contact him at, or by phone at (604) 662-6784.

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This family doctor is leaving B.C. Other physicians are among her 'orphaned' patients

In June, Coquitlam family doctor Anna Chodyra closed her practice before relocating to New Zealand. She leaves behind thousands of patients, including several doctors, who worry the system may struggle to absorb Chodyra's roster.

Patients turned to telehealth during the pandemic. B.C. doctors say it isn't a long-term solution

As an estimated one million British Columbians struggle to find a family doctor, health-care providers say they are providing more long-distance health care to patients.

Protesters against old-growth logging train for blockades, say they'll keep disrupting traffic until they win

Save Old Growth, the group behind a recent high-profile road blockades around B.C. says they will not stop their campaign of non-violent civil disobedience until the provincial government agrees to completely ban old-growth logging in the province.

How a small B.C. town is fighting to recruit family doctors amid provincewide shortage

Creston, B.C., has found comparative success recruiting family doctors, thanks to the help of a dedicated recruiter working in partnership with the Interior Health Authority.

Bill promising 'cooling-off period' for B.C. home buyers passes in legislature despite lack of details

A bill promising to protect B.C. home buyers has quietly passed through the provincial legislature despite being short on specific policy details.

Province pushes parents to register kids age 5-11 for vaccines amid low uptake

Nearly half of B.C.'s 350,000 five-to-11-year-olds have not been registered for a COVID-19 vaccine, and the province is urging parents to register their children for the shot as many in the age group return to school under enhanced COVID-19 safety measures.

'Selfless' volunteer at Vancouver homeless encampment is fuelled by human connection

Fiona York often spends 40 hours a week at Crab Park, coordinating volunteers, advocating for residents and talking to them about their needs. This on top of her part-time job as a support worker.

Barrowtown residents saved pump station from being swamped, Abbotsford mayor says

Four Abbotsford-area neighbours are being recognized for their early work helping to save the Barrowtown pump station after it was nearly swamped by floodwaters during November's deadly and destructive storms.

Surrey family stuck paying for parking permit, weeks after cancelling

Seventeen-year-old student Harshvardhan Shaw is sounding off on Impark, saying the company failed to abide by its own terms and conditions, charging his family monthly fees into November even after they cancelled their contract in September.

Huu-ay-aht First Nations seeks leave to intervene in Fairy Creek appeal

The Huu-ay-aht First Nations is seeking leave to intervene in the Fairy Creek court appeal, following last month's decision to temporarily extend an injunction against old growth logging blockades on southern Vancouver Island.