Chris Walker

Chris Walker is a journalist based in Kelowna, B.C. He is the host of the morning radio show Daybreak South.

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New B.C. party pushing school board candidates with anti-vax and conspiratorial views

A new political organization with roots in conservative Christianity is endorsing a number of school board candidates across B.C. who have anti-vaccine, anti-government and conspiratorial views. ParentsVoice B.C. says it's aiming to reverse what it sees as the politicization of classrooms.

School officials failed to stop harassment of transgender teen by 'pack-like' bullies, parents say

The parents of a transgender student in Kelowna have pulled their 13-year-old child out of a public school, saying district officials failed to stop ongoing, targeted harassment from other students.

Anti-mandate protest outside B.C. high school leads to confrontation, protester hurling insults at student

An anti-mandate protest outside a South Okanagan high school resulted in a verbal confrontation between adults and students and, in one case, a protester yelling a racially charged insult and profanity at a student.

Bizarre legal theory making anti-vaccine movement more extreme, experts warn

The anti-vaccine movement in Canada is becoming increasingly radicalized thanks to a bizarre legal theory spreading through its ranks, according to multiple experts.

Several people fall ill after attending religious festival, Kelowna pastor says

Several members of a Kelowna, B.C., church with a history of defying public health orders have fallen ill with “a cold, the flu, or COVID” after attending a religious retreat, according to the church pastor.

Kelowna real estate boom forcing some renters out of longtime homes

Sarah Anderson doesn’t want to leave her hometown, but she and her family of four may not have a choice.

Children of Penticton murder victims say their parents played no part in neighbourhood feud alleged by killer

John Brittain was sentenced to life in prison Oct. 15 for the shooting deaths of four people. The daughters of three of those victims are speaking out against Brittain's accusation those victims were involved in ongoing neighbourhood disputes with Brittain before their deaths.

Federal Conservatives and B.C. Liberals oust Kelowna party executive member for inflammatory Nazi remark

The B.C. Liberals and the federal Conservatives have ousted a prominent party executive in Kelowna after he said a raised fist in support of racial justice was "no different than a Nazi salute."

Province, city at odds over finding emergency shelter site in Kelowna

As dozens of homeless people in Kelowna sleep outside in frigid temperatures, both the provincial and municipal governments have deflected responsibility for finding a location for an emergency cold weather shelter in the city. 

Kelowna mayor defends RCMP while it reviews its dismissal of 40% of sex assault cases

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran is defending the RCMP after Statistics Canada reported the police agency had dismissed as unfounded 40 per cent of sexual assault cases in 2017 and 2018. Despite the astonishingly high number of unfounded cases, Basran says he still believes they were properly investigated.