Chris Brown

Moscow Correspondent

Chris Brown is a foreign correspondent based in the CBC’s Moscow bureau. Previously a national reporter for CBC News on radio, TV and online, Chris has a passion for great stories and has travelled all over Canada and the world to find them.

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Lancet gives the nod to Russia's coronavirus vaccine, giving a beleaguered Putin a soft-power victory

Russia has scored a political and medical victory last week with the scientific community’s validation of its Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus. Still, some still view it as another tool in Vladimir Putin's PR campaign and vow they'll have nothing to do with it no matter how well it works.

Kremlin digs into 'tool kit of intimidation' to try to suppress Navalny supporters

The Putin government is going after jailed anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny every way it can, using the full arsenal of its police, judiciary and propaganda outlets to vilify him ahead of more anti-government protests set for this weekend.

Mass protests in wake of Navalny arrest could signal new political dynamic in Russia

More than a 100,000 Russians answered the call of imprisoned anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny to take to the streets over the weekend. The scope of the unrest suggests opposition to President Vladimir Putin is on the rise, writes Chris Brown.

Alexei Navalny's return to Russia solidifies opposition leader's role as 'anti-Putin'

Alexei Navalny, Russia's main opposition figure, is in a Moscow jail, with his supporters confronting the existential question of how his political movement will survive with him sidelined, in all likelihood for a very long time.

Why a Moscow kebab shop has reignited debate over Stalin's legacy

A Moscow kebab shop owner faces a backlash after he opened a take-out food shop bearing the name of Joseph Stalin, as Russians remain deeply conflicted over the totalitarian wartime leader's legacy and how they should see him today.

Following Putin and state media's lead, many Russians dismissive of Navalny poisoning case

While the latest revelations in the case of the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, the outspoken rival of Russian President Vladimir Putin, have enthralled many in the West, the case has been largely ignored by the Russian media — and so, perhaps not surprisingly, by many Russians as well.

Russia's Sputnik V vaccination program has started, but it's facing resistance

Russia's mass vaccination program against the coronavirus has started, but it's running into resistance — not from Western nations but from Russians. Many Russians who spoke with CBC News still aren't convinced a vaccine that was rushed to market is safe.

How Russia's famed Bolshoi is dancing its way through the COVID-19 pandemic

Russia's famed Bolshoi Theatre has been crippled by the coronavirus pandemic, with its very survival at stake. After a lengthy shutdown, the dancing is continuing but for dancers and staff every performance comes at personal risk.

Russia says its COVID vaccine is 95% effective. So why is there still Western resistance to it?

Russia has tried to turn the search for a COVID vaccine into a 21st-century version of the space race that it intends to win. Despite criticism about transparency and how quickly it was approved, the vaccine will likely play an important role in ending the global pandemic, experts say.

Inside a pop-up COVID hospital in Moscow, Russia's worst-hit city in coronavirus crisis

The number of COVID-19 cases in Russia surpassed two million this week, and the country's hospitals are feeling the strain. Moscow, the worst-hit area, recently created three temporary hospitals to help ease the burden. CBC News visited one of the units to see what it's like on the front lines of the crisis.