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How this partially sighted B.C. gamer learned to play Super Mario

Jalen Berg is a partially sighted gamer from Langley, B.C., who has learned how to play video games without actually being able to see them.

Donut drama at the PNE: Longtime vendor won't be returning this summer

Those looking to taste "Those Little Donuts" at this summer's PNE will have to look elsewhere after the Vancouver fair rejected the vendor's application.

How our love for bears on social media could be causing them harm

Human-wildlife conflicts are on the rise in the province, according to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service. Could our love for bears on social media be causing them more harm?

B.C.'s 2nd-ever active shooter alert was sent during the Langley attacks. Why no alerts for other shootings?

Police issued three public safety alerts Monday, only the second time they have done so during an active shooting incident. Some British Columbians are wondering why police did not do the same during other, recent shootings.

He made history as the NHL's first Black official. Now he's joining the B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame

Jay Sharrers, who made hockey history as the first Black linesman in the NHL in 1990 and the league's first Black referee in 2001, has been inducted into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame. 

Vancouver city council passes motion to back climate lawsuit against big oil companies

Vancouver city council passed a motion Wednesday that would allocate funds towards a potential climate lawsuit against major oil companies in Canada. 

Woman died of cardiac arrest in B.C. Interior town where ER was closed, only ambulance was half an hour away

The mayor of Ashcroft, B.C., is raising major concerns about health-care staffing shortages after a local woman who found her friend unresponsive was told by 911 operators that the only ambulance on call was a half-hour drive away.

Indigenous leaders call for public inquiry into RCMP's role in death of Williams Lake man

Indigenous leaders are demanding an independent investigation and public inquiry into the RCMP’s response to a distress call that they say resulted in a Williams Lake First Nation man's death. 

Corn farmers in B.C.'s Fraser Valley dealing with crop delays after unseasonably wet weather

The cold and wet weather B.C. faced this spring is causing the latest corn season in decades, according to a Chilliwack farmer.

Canadian women's freestyle skiing inspires young B.C. athletes as sport soars to new heights

The sport has soared to a new level of skill at this year's Winter Games, says a B.C. ski coach, and funding and support have also increased in recent years, inspiring other women and young girls in the sport.