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Briar Stewart is a senior reporter with CBC News. For more than a decade, she has been covering stories for television, radio and online. She is based in Vancouver and can be reached at or on Twitter @briarstewart

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Overdoses spike in small town B.C. as communities struggle for resources to tackle worsening opioid crisis

British Columbia had a grim record-breaking year in 2020 in its ongoing opioid crisis, with more than 1,700 people dying of drug overdoses, according to new data released Thursday. While urban centres such as Vancouver and Victoria saw the highest number of deaths, rural and remote areas also saw a spike in overdose calls to 911.

Ottawa urged to decriminalize simple drug possession as overdose deaths reach record highs

A growing number of officials and organizations in Canada, including police and prosecutors, are calling on the federal government to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs. In British Columbia, change has already started.

Winter is already a trying time for some seniors. COVID-19 will make it worse

As COVID cases climb and winter approaches, there is a growing fear that seniors could find themselves even more isolated.

Northern towns straddling Canada-U.S. border push to become a pandemic bubble

Travel restrictions have disconnected two small, remote towns that have traditionally shared a special sense of community across the Canada-U.S. border.

How COVID-19 worsens Canada's digital divide

When the pandemic thrust most school, work and services online, it further highlighted not just how essential the internet has become but also the urban-rural divide around access. 

Government-sanctioned safe supply not enough to get some off fentanyl-laced street drugs

Nearly 2,000 people in B.C. have been prescribed hydromorphone, a synthetic opioid, under the province's safe-supply program, but fatal overdoses continue to rise and reached a historic high in June, with 175 deaths.

Luck and timing: How B.C. has managed to avoid the worst-case COVID-19 scenario

B.C.'s COVID-19 death rate of approximately 33 deaths per million people is one of the lowest among jurisdictions in Canada, the U.S. and western Europe with populations of five million or more. Officials and health experts credit its success to a combination of sound decision-making and good fortune.

COVID-19 travel advisories create tensions in B.C. tourist towns

Tourist communities in the B.C. Interior are appealing for calm after at least five vehicles bearing Alberta plates were allegedly vandalized, left with nasty notes the drivers were aggressively confronted, telling them to go home.

Slow return for Canada's dental offices as pandemic restrictions ease

As dental offices start to reopen across the country, they are concerned about having sufficient protective gear and protocols to safely see patients, and seeing enough of them so they can keep the office running. 

Travel restrictions turn peak season into bleak season for tourism sector

The May long weekend typically marks the beginning of the peak travel season within Canada, but border closures and travel restrictions have thrust the country's tourism sector into what industry insiders are calling an unprecedented crisis.