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Milgaard pushed for action on Indigenous sisters' wrongful conviction claims

David Milgaard was actively helping people who say they have been wrongfully convicted right up until his sudden death, including two Indigenous sisters who have been incarcerated for nearly 30 years.

Last summer's B.C., Alberta heat wave was among most extreme since 1960s, study shows

The record-breaking heat wave that scorched western North America last June was among the most extreme ever recorded globally, new modelling and analysis by researchers at universities in the United Kingdom shows.

B.C. privacy law applies to federal political parties, commissioner's office finds

British Columbia's privacy commissioner has found that federal political parties are subject to the province's Personal Information Protection Act, a decision experts say opens the door to a level of independent oversight not currently in place when it comes to understanding how the parties use personal data.

Ottawa urged to pause proposed B.C. port expansion, consider alternative plan

A plan to build a new shipping container terminal the size of nearly 144 football fields at a major Metro Vancouver port has sparked a rival proposal along with concerns for endangered orcas and the salmon they depend on.

B.C. adds conditions for Trans Mountain pipeline expansion as concerns remain over spill-response plans

British Columbia has amended the conditions of its environmental assessment certificate for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and told the federal government it still has concerns about its response to potential marine oil spills.

Pacific Salmon Treaty failing to address Alaskan harvest of struggling B.C. stocks, advocates say

Significant numbers of salmon returning to spawn in British Columbia are being caught in southeast Alaskan fisheries, hindering Canada's efforts to preserve and rebuild stocks that are declining to historic lows, B.C. salmon advocates say.

Wood splitter was stored at clerk's home while parking at B.C. Legislature was organized, court hears

The former facilities manager at the B.C. Legislature told a trial Wednesday that a wood splitter bought for emergency preparedness was being stored at the legislature clerk's home while a parking spot was sorted out for it.

Experts say disasters, extreme weather underscore need for climate resilient agriculture in B.C.

Wildfires, sweltering heat and extensive flooding in British Columbia last year have underscored the importance of strengthening the agricultural sector's resilience to the effects of climate change and extreme weather, experts say.

B.C. study links low river flows with lower chinook salmon productivity

A study that links low summertime water flows in a British Columbia river with lower productivity across 22 generations of a struggling salmon population could help guide how rivers are managed to support fish, the authors say.

Retreating glaciers could create new salmon habitat, B.C. study shows

The retreat of glaciers in the Pacific mountains of British Columbia and Alaska could produce thousands of kilometres of potential new salmon habitat, a study led by researchers at Simon Fraser University shows.