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Brady Strachan is a CBC reporter based in Kelowna, B.C. Besides Kelowna, Strachan has covered stories for CBC News in Winnipeg, Brandon, Vancouver and internationally. Follow his tweets @BradyStrachan

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Town of Osoyoos working to flush away odour issues at sewage lagoon

The town of Osoyoos, B.C., is dealing with a failure in one of the municipality's three sewage lagoons that is causing foul odours to waft into the community, upsetting residents.

Kelowna Sikh congregation passes major hurdle to establishing a new place of worship

Members of a Kelowna Sikh congregation said they are encouraged by city council's support of their plan to establish a new place of worship, despite a conflict with the proposed location and the city's Official Community Plan.

B.C. wine industry projecting 50% fewer wine grapes this year because of winter vine damage

The B.C. wine industry is projecting up to 50 percent or more reduced wine grape production this year because of a prolonged cold snap last December that damaged vineyards right across the Okanagan Valley, the province's main wine producing region.

New rules banning memorial objects in Vernon, B.C., cemetery spark public outcry

Recent changes to regulations around the placing of memorial items at grave sites in Pleasant Valley Cemetery have sparked public outcry among residents of the North Okanagan community, with many criticizing the lack of public consultation. 

Sikh community calls for hate-crime investigation after group assault of international student in Kelowna

People from Kelowna, B.C.'s Sikh community are calling for an attack on a young international student to be investigated as a hate crime after a group of people allegedly punched and kicked the student at a bus stop and tore off his turban.

Kelowna music teacher denies inappropriate touching at sexual assault trial

A Kelowna music teacher told a provincial court judge he only adjusted a young student's posture while sitting together on a piano bench at his home, and denied ever touching the child in an inappropriate way.

Kelowna piano teacher on trial for sexually assaulting young student during a private lesson

A child told a Kelowna, B.C., courtroom on Thursday details about their music teacher’s inappropriate touching during a piano lesson.

Judge issues arrest warrant to get defendant into courtroom as 'Freedom Rally' organizer's trial begins

The assault trial for one of the leaders of the Okanagan's "Freedom Rally" protest movement began Wednesday amid unusual scenes at provincial court in Kelowna, B.C., where dozens of his supporters were denied entry after refusing to have their bags searched.

Meet the West Kelowna, B.C., woman who's been keeping books from being destroyed for 25 years

Carol Jackson was at her local recycling depot 25 years ago, when, to her horror, she saw a bunch of books being crushed by a compactor. Since then she's been collecting them and giving them away for free from a bookshop in her garage.

Head of Trail RCMP detachment says officer's controversial website caused a stir in the ranks

A Trail, B.C., Mountie's satirical website that mocked the prime minister, LGBTQ and Indigenous issues and new immigrants coming to Canada does not reflect the values of diversity and inclusivity that the RCMP stands for, according to the head of the detachment where he works.