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Waiting for wilderness: Nature prescription program sees overwhelming demand

PaRx, a nature prescription program offering free Parks Canada passes, says delays in wait times are due to an “unexpected deluge” of registration requests, with over 5,000 new prescribers in the last few months, and initially only one staff member working to verify all the registrations.

LGBTQ veterans call for more inclusive access to federal services

A transgender veteran from Comox, B.C., says applying for a medical discharge from the military took months, and to have to repeatedly discuss her transition with multiple Veterans Affairs Canada caseworkers over the phone could be emotionally distressing for people in her position.

Vancouver Island family targeted with multiple racist messages left on vehicle in 2 locations

A family on Vancouver Island in Saanich, B.C., says it has been targeted by multiple racist threats, including messages displaying white supremist symbol, on a vehicle twice in the past couple months.

B.C. university student injured in alleged homophobic assault at off-campus party

A student at Vancouver Island University was injured Saturday evening in what he says was an unprovoked homophobic assault at an off-campus party in Nanaimo.

Powell River mayor dismayed by company's decision to list paper mill with real estate firm

The mayor of Powell River says the company running the local Catalyst paper mill has betrayed its working relationship with the city, after it listed the mill site for sale worldwide.

Saanich family soon to be homeless due to rental competition, unaffordability

Since being served an eviction notice last September, a Saanich family has been looking for a new rental unit that will accommodate their budget of around $2,300 per month — to no success. The pair say their crisis reflects that of many other middle-class families in the region.

Victoria group pilots 'Conestoga Huts' as temporary shelter option for unhoused communities

A grassroots group in Victoria, B.C., has built what they say could be a temporary, cost-efficient shelter solution to mitigate the city's homelessness crisis. 

Campbell River businesses, students team up to temporarily solve labour shortages

A business group and a school district in Campbell River, B.C., have partnered to come up with a creative short-term solution to the city’s labour shortage by placing students needing work experience with companies experiencing staffing issues.

Standard of care has plummeted at Port Alberni care homes due to mismanagement, residents and staff say

Residents, staff and former employees at two Port Alberni long-term care homes say they’re at a breaking point after years of complaints alleging serious mismanagement in the workplace.

During final day of hearings, RCMP seeks search and access powers at Fairy Creek to safely enforce injunction

The RCMP says it needs more powers to search and exclude people at an old-growth logging protest area on Vancouver Island where over 1,000 arrests have been made since mid-May.