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Atomic Vaudeville opening new show in February

The Victoria theatre group behind the runaway success Ride The Cyclone are tackling masculinity and stereotypes in their new work, Action Revue.

Group behind successful Ride The Cyclone debuting new show Feb. 18

Action Revue takes on masculine stereotypes — but not all of the actors are male. (Atomic Vaudeville)

Victoria theatre company Atomic Vaudeville is launching a new show that explores masculinity what is regarded as a very masculine setting: a boxing ring.

Action Revue, which opens Feb. 18 at Metro Studio Theatre, takes on questions about masculine identity in a vaudeville setting.

"[Exploring masculinity] has always been in our wheelhouse, it's one of the things we keep coming back to," Britt Small, one of the show's three co-writers, told All Points West host Robyn Burns.

"We sometimes can explore stereotypes without being predictable, or we can take it to places people don't expect. So I think that's also what people expect from us, sort of a left turn."

Small says the Atomic Vaudeville team interview a lot with men, collected stories and even did online surveys in the process of making this new production.

And while it deals with sensitive topics, Small says there's a lot of fun in it as well, including a West Side Story-style dance fight.

Small says that when audiences see Action Revue, it won't be a finished product. The plan is to keep working on the project after seeing how audiences react.

"It'll be a process of looking at the material and saying, okay, what do we need and what don't we need?" she said. "A lot of the time we throw way too much at the piece, and start cutting back or trimming the fat you could say."

Action Revue opens Feb. 18 at Metro Studio Theatre and runs until Feb. 20.

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