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'We want to hear big ideas': City of Vancouver begins public consultation on Arbutus corridor

The City of Vancouver is looking for the public's most creative ideas on what to do with the Arbutus corridor.

All creative ideas are welcome on how the Arbutus Greenway should be designed, says mayor

The temporary pathway was created with the hopes of encouraging residents to become familiar with the corridor before a final design is considered. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)

The drawn-out bitter dispute between the City of Vancouver and CP Railway ended in March after the city bought the land for $55 million. Now, the city is calling for ideas on what to do with the Arbutus corridor. 

"We want to hear big ideas. We want to hear big dreams and visions from citizens of Vancouver on what is possible here," said Mayor Gregor Robertson. 

Robertson said no concept is off the table including mixed-use development, as long as it serves all the residents across the city and keeps it as a transportation corridor, so the option of one day running a rapid transit system is possible.

The nine kilometre route runs parallel to Arbutus Street and West Boulevard and will connect to the seawall. 

City crews began laying down asphalt during the summer to create a temporary pathway with the hopes of encouraging residents to become familiar with the corridor before a final design is considered. 

The construction of the temporary pathway — which is 60 to 65 per cent complete — was halted due to the cold weather. 

But Jerry Dobrovolny, the city's engineer and general manager of engineering services, says work will pick up again on Monday. 

"There is work to be done at the intersection still and improvements there. As we get closer into the spring, when it warms up a little bit more, there is landscaping. We are looking at some pollinator gardens and flowering and some amenities that will be there," said Dobrovolny.

Vancouver residents can participate by taking an online survey before February 15 or attend one of several open houses that begin next month.