British Columbia

No foul play suspected in death of man found in Vancouver Island driveway

Police say the death of a man found in a Saanich, B.C., driveway on Saturday morning did not involve foul play. 

Andrew Michael Sidor, 30, was found dead in a driveway in Saanich, B.C. on Saturday morning

Stills from surveillance footage show Andrew Michael Sidor, 30, in the Rock Bay area of Victoria, B.C., on Aug. 15, two days before he was found dead in neighbouring Saanich. (Saanich Police Department)

Police say the death of a man found in a Saanich, B.C., driveway Aug. 17 did not involve foul play. 

The body of Andrew Michael Sidor, 30, was found in front of a house at the intersection of Crease Avenue and Wascana Drive just before 9 a.m. PT. The quiet residential neighbourhood, linked together by roads too small to need shoulders or painted lines, is a block away from the Saanich police headquarters.

He was missing his shoes, socks and backpack when his body was discovered. 

Vancouver Island Major Crime Unit and the Saanich Police said in a statement that they will not be commenting on the cause of death. The British Columbia Coroners Service is conducting its own investigation.

Police originally said Sidor's death was deemed suspicious because of the nature of his injuries. 

Police say the backpack worn by Andrew Michael Sidor was black, with shiny or reflective material on the straps. The missing backpack was found Tuesday after a public appeal. (Saanich Police Department)

"Sometimes what the public can see, and even the police for that matter, on an initial investigation or incident can lead people to believe that the conclusion was something that involved foul play," said Detective Sergent Damian Kowalewich of Saanich Police. 

"Sometimes things aren't what they appear until you look deeper."

Shoes missing

Investigators have released surveillance video showing Sidor walking through the Rock Bay area of Victoria on Thursday, two days before he was found dead. The video shows Sidor, who was from Victoria, with a full brown beard and shoulder-length brown hair. He was also wearing a black sweater and jeans.

A statement said Sidor was still wearing the same clothes seen in the footage when he died, but his black backpack — with shiny material on the straps — and white lace-up runners were missing. His socks were gone.

Officers asked for the public's help to find the belongings.

Police later said the backpack, shoes and socks were found in the Saanich area on Tuesday after a number of people in the community phoned police.

Sidor's body was identified late Monday.