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Airbnb names Mayne Island home #4 most 'Wish-Listed' in the world

The house, on Mayne Island, B.C., is a unique cob house that's drawn comparisons to a Hobbit house. According to owner Alexis Borsboom, it's more than just a rental property.

Cob house is owner's first home, which she credits for bringing her and her husband together

Alexis Borsboom’s cob house was named the fourth-most “Wish-Listed” rental property in the world by to Airbnb. (Airbnb)

On Mayne Island, a little house has proven to be very popular with Airbnb users.

Alexis Borsboom's cob house was named the fourth-most "Wish-Listed" rental property in the world by Airbnb.

A Wish-Listed property means travelers saved the listing as a favourite to look at later or possibly share online or visit in person, but does not necessarily mean they have stayed there.

"About two days ago we were just flooded with inquiries," Borsboom told All Points West host Robyn Burns.

"At first we thought it was just a really rainy weekend in January, and it seemed like it was a good time for people to begin fantasizing about their summer vacations."

The house holds sentimental value to owner Alexis Borsboom, as it's the house that brought her and her husband together; both are cob house enthusiasts. (Airbnb)

"Friends and neighbours on the island sent us links that they'd seen in the media and we were totally amazed."

Borsbooom said she had no idea her home was so popular. She said that usually rentals trickle in throughout the year, but this year, they're already booked through September.

'It's just been such a special and important place in our lives'

Borsboom describes her house as something "like a Hobbit house." She says it has a sort of fairy tale charm that takes people back to their childhood.

The house also holds sentimental value to her, as it's the house that brought her and her husband together, who are both cob house enthusiasts.

Her husband had seen it before on a Mayne Island cob tour, and she had seen pictures of it online and in a book. They fell in love at a cob house workshop in Mexico, co-hosted by cob expert Tracy Calvert.

"When [former owner] Hilde Dawe sadly had to leave the island for health reasons to be closer to her family, Tracy suggested to us that we should try and figure out how to become the next stewards of this amazing place," said Borsboom.

"It was our first home … it's just been such a special and important place in our lives."

Borsboom says that she and her husband are now less active in the cob-building community, because they have twin sons. 

However, she also says renting out the house gives them a great deal of satisfaction.

"We still feel like we're showing cob and introducing new people to cob," she said.

"People find it very soothing. And very relaxing."

To hear the full story, click the audio labelled: Mayne Island home to Airbnb's fourth-most 'Wish-Listed' house in the world


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