British Columbia

Agassiz, B.C., man finds more than 300 four-leaf clovers in a month

Walt Hardinge could be the luckiest person in the province. In the past month alone, he's found over 300 four-leaf clovers.

Lucky charms seem to be working; Walt Hardinge says he's survived 15 near-death experiences

Agassiz resident Walt Hardinge found more than 300 four-leaf clovers in a month. (Walt Hardinge )

Have you ever found a four-leaf clover? Imagine coming across several hundred by accident.  

Agassiz, B.C., resident Walt Hardinge might just be the luckiest person in British Columbia because in the past month alone, he's found more than 300 four-leaf clovers. 

The most he's ever found in one day is 42. But that's not the most remarkable part.

Hardinge says he's also found several clovers with five leaves, six leaves — and even one with eight leaves.

Hardinge says he's even found several clovers with five leaves or more. (Walt Hardinge)

Hardinge says he first found them by accident on his usual early morning walk with his dog, Jackie. The dog was sniffing around the grass outside the neighbourhood community centre, and that's when Hardinge noticed a small cluster of four-leaf clovers.

His streak of luck continued in the days and weeks to come while walking Jackie on the side streets, close to the railway tracks that run through the Fraser Valley community.

Hardinge says he usually finds the clovers in the rougher, more unkempt areas where you'd usually find dandelions.

Paying it forward

Hardinge's current mantra is "pay it forward," which has inspired him to keep 11 clovers for himself, and share the rest with his family, friends and even strangers.

He'll give a few to each random person he comes across, hoping they, too, will pay it forward.

The lucky charms seem to be working.

Hardinge told Gloria Macarenko, host of CBC's On the Coast, that he's survived 15 near-death experiences, including several car accidents, motorcycle accidents, a drowning incident, and he says he's even been run over by a car.