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The Adele effect: Yaletown ice cream business spikes after superstar calls it 'amazing'

Business at a Yaletown ice cream parlour has spiked since Adele spoke about her "amazing" visit during her sold-out concert on Thursday.

Adele orders double Oreo ice cream, now so does everyone else

Adele called Vancouver ice cream parlour, Mister, 'amazing' after eating a double Oreo ice cream there, Thursday, July 21, 2016. The Vancouver-based business has since seen a boost in business. (Associated Press/Mister)

Call it the Adele effect. Everyone wants a piece of the music superstar and it's turning almost everything she touches into gold.

Business at a Yaletown ice cream parlour has spiked since she spoke about her "amazing" visit during her sold-out concert on Thursday.

The owners of Mister, Michael Lai and Tommy Choi, say customers immediately sent them texts and video of the shout-out. 

Days after it happened, they are still swooning.

"Our shop is a very intimate space so to be serving one of the world's biggest stars that close up is really unbelievable," said Choi. "I couldn't sleep the whole night after seeing the video, still have goosebumps."

Since opening in May, Choi says their best-selling flavour has been crème brûlée. That changed quickly after Adele told everyone what she ordered.

"I had the double Oreo, it was very nice  not supposed to have chocolate on show days but I did," exclaimed the singer.

Choi says their customers are now more likely to ask for double Oreo and they have seen an overall bump in business although they will not disclose specific numbers.

The singer quietly visited the shop on Thursday afternoon with her son while security waited outside, according to Choi.

Mister specializes in making ice cream on-the-spot by mixing it with liquid nitrogen, something Adele called "exciting" for her three-year-old.

In a case of unfortunate timing, the store ran out of liquid nitrogen just as she arrived.

While they restocked, Choi says she entertained her son who was "waiting patiently."

Staff at the store say she was nearly unrecognizable and in order to respect her privacy, they only discussed that she was a visitor from England. 

More Adele effect

The singer caused a firestorm online when she visited Vancouver's cat cafe.

After purring away in Adele's lap, Larry the cat was quickly adopted.

Her two Vancouver shows also sold out in 20 minutes, and scalpers were asking up to $3,500 for top seats to see the artist whose album, 25, broke 15-year sales records.