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Abbotsford police investigating 'shocking' racial slurs and altercation captured on video

Officers say a man reacting to being given a traffic violation ticket near the city's downtown Five Corners resulted in him yelling racial slurs in a video widely distributed on the internet.

WARNING: Shocking video shows man yelling at person recording video, traffic enforcement officer

An online video showing this man is part of an Abbotsford Police Department investigation involving threatening and racially offensive language. (Vimeo)

Abbotsford police confirm they are investigating a video depicting a man yelling offensive language and racial slurs in the city's downtown area known as Five Corners.

Police were made aware of the video on Friday, Oct. 21. It has since been shared widely online.

The video shows a white man near a truck in a parking lot yelling expletives and racial slurs towards the person making the video.

"It actually originated with a traffic enforcement officer writing a violation ticket for the person in the truck," said Sgt. Judy Bird with Abbotsford police.

"A passerby was concerned about the comments and altercation between the people in the truck and the traffic violation enforcement person."


Bird says officers are reviewing the video to see if charges are warranted, but she couldn't say if the man yelling or the person driving the truck are known to police.

WARNING: 'Shocking' racial slurs and altercation captured on video

6 years ago
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Abbotsford police are investigating to see if charges are warranted

She says the video and comments on deeply concerning.

"These types of comments and this retaliation to our community is very concerning to us," she said. "It's disturbing, not something that we want to see in any community in Abbotsford or British Columbia or Canada for that matter.

"So it's a bit shocking when we see that on the streets. If people witness these types of event, it's important to get a hold of us right away."