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2nd suspect arrested in SkyTrain iPad theft

Metro Vancouver Transit police have arrested a second suspect wanted for allegedly stealing an iPad from a woman in a wheelchair at a SkyTrain station in May.

New robbery charge

10 years ago
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The second suspect in a Metro Vancouver iPad robbery also has a long criminal record

Metro Vancouver Transit police have arrested a second suspect wanted for allegedly stealing an iPad from a woman in a wheelchair at a SkyTrain station in May.

Cassie Campbell, who has cerebral palsy and is deaf and cannot speak, was trying to get into an elevator at the Metrotown SkyTrain station, when two men allegedly stole her iPad and ran to board an oncoming train, said Transit Police.

When she followed the men onto the train to try to get the device back, the men pushed over her wheelchair and ran off the train at the next station, she alleged.

Transit Police said they are seeking a charge of robbery against David Clayton Ned, of New Westminister, B.C.

This man was identified by transit police as a suspect in the robbery and theft of an iPad from Cassie Campbell. (TransLink)

On May 16, John Eugene Lagimodiere, 31, was arrested. The next day he was charged with robbery. 

The iPad was Campbell's only means of communication, and after the story was broadcast by CBC News, a viewer bought Campbell a replacement.

Campbell, speaking in sign language, told CBC News it was a horrible experience, but said she won't let it change the way she lives her life.