British Columbia

29 pot plants weeded out of municipal boulevard

The B.C. municipality's plan is still to plant grass along the boulevard, but of a different variety.

Saanich, B.C., crews removed guerilla marijuana garden near Admirals Road bridge project

Municipal gardeners in Saanich, B.C., discovered 29 marijuana plants, spaced about a metre apart, waiting to be watered along a boulevard that had recently been prepped for new grass.

Rae Roer, senior manager with the Saanich parks department, said he received a cryptic email over the weekend that alluded to some rogue plantings near the Admirals Road bridge project. On Monday, his department checked on the new soil bed.

The District of Saanich appreciates some, but not all, citizen efforts at greening the landscape. (Ed Andrieski/Associated Press)

"The topsoil had just been put down in the newly created boulevard area, and somebody beat us to the punch in terms of the landscaping," he said.

Saanich police Sgt. Steve Eassie said officers have not yet been able to find any witnesses who saw the budding green thumb — or thumbs — at work.

"It's not known why they were planted in that area," Eassie said. "We obviously believe it may have just been a joke, perhaps maybe just to see how long they would last."

The pot plot didn't last long. Police removed the plants right away on Monday, and will pursue charges if a suspect is identified.

"Saanich does support environmental movements and we do try and be quite green in our approach to things, but this isn't the kind of green that we were looking for," Eassie said.

Roer said although the municipality's plan is still to plant grass along the boulevard, it will be of the lawn variety.

With files from the CBC's Lisa Cordasco