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25 reasons to go to the Vancouver Queer Film Festival

With the Vancouver Queer Film Festival celebrating its 25th year, On The Coast's Lisa Christiansen lists the top 25 reasons to check it out.

The festival runs August 15-25

Vancouver Queer Film Festival is the second largest film festival in the city. (Facebook)

With the Vancouver Queer Film Festival celebrating its 25th year, we list the top 25 reasons to check it out.

  1. Ever feel like there aren't enough queer characters on the big and smalls screens? That won't happen here.
  2. It's 25 years old, which makes it like the new 15.
  3. Dog days of summer? Not in an air-conditioned movie theatre!
  4. Still haven't found a Gay Best Friend? Maybe you'll meet one at the screening of the teen comedy (with Megan Mullaly!!) G.B.F.
  5. There's a grant for that! Learn how to write and win grant applications at The Walter and Peg Show: Getting Grants Good
  6. And yes, there is an app for that, stay on top of the screenings and parties.
  7. PechaKucha isn't a yoga pose, it's a popular, fast-paced speaker series originating in Japan and the festival is holding their first-ever event.
  8. And there's an after party for those lingering thoughts you still need to share.
  9. Get your Canadian on at Lace Bites – a documentary about a group of women hockey players hoping to break a Guiness World Record for the longest hockey game.
  10. Fall is coming and that means it's time to get the reading list started. Check out the Queer Book Club, Aug. 24 at Pulp Fiction Books.
  11. Haven't been back to the Waldorf since that whole thing? Now you can go back! It's one of 12 venues for the festival.
  12. The Coast is Queer– celebrate B.C. filmmakers as they tell their short film stories, including a look at your fave insult/ breakfast A Little Elbow Room
  13. Don't remember much from your trip to Burning Man? Not to worry – catch two docs on the desert fest: "Meet the Glamcocks" and "Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers."
  14. Still planning that life-changing trip to India? Stop here first for Focus on India –catch three films during the 100th anniversary of Indian cinema.
  15. Concerned about the Sochi Winter Games in light of Russia's anti-gay law? Add your thoughts to the Why and Why Not? Cultural Boycott discussion on Aug. 23.
  16. Before there was Riot Grrls in the 90s, there were girls playing punk rock. Take in She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column – a doc about the 80s band.
  17. Everyone loves a vintage find! Catch the Lot in Sodom and Vintage Porn event on Aug. 20. These are rarities from the 1920s and 30s.
  18. And since silence isn't quite golden when it comes to vintage porn, a live band will play along with the films.
  19. The kids are most definitely alright as you'll find at the Fierce and Fabulous and Under 25 film series.
  20. The kids are also getting together for a bowling party on Aug. 23.
  21. You could win a trip to Thailand or Amsterdam by purchasing a lottery ticket that raises money for Out in Schools.
  22. And chances of winning one of these fabulous prize are 1 in 1,450. Tickets are 1 for $20 or 3 for $50.
  23. Get plugged in to The Outs — an online series about young gay men in Brooklyn and meet the director Adam Goldman.
  24. Did we mention Adam will be in conversation with On The Coast's Lisa Christiansen?
  25. And did we mention Lisa Christiansen with Adam Goldman? She's really quite excited about this event.

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