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2 ships collide in the night in Vancouver Harbour

TSB says no injuries or pollution resulted from the collision between two large freighters early Sunday.

TSB says no injuries or pollution resulted from the collision between 2 large freighters early Sunday

The M.V. Pan Acacia sits anchored in Vancouver Harbour. According to the Transportation Safety Board, it collided with another freighter in the harbour on Sunday just after midnight. (Don Marce/CBC)

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating a collision between two freighters in Vancouver Harbour early Sunday.

The M.V. Caravos Harmony and the M.V. Pan Acacia hit each other at approximately 12:20 a.m. P.T. on March 17. 

TSB spokesman Chris Krepski said there were no reports of injuries or a polluting spill, but couldn't say what either vessel was carrying or if they were under tug boat control at the time of collision.

"We're still gathering information on the sequence of events," he said.

The M.V. Caravos Harmony sits anchored in Vancouver Harbour. (Don Marce/CBC)

Krepski said the investigation team was boarding both freighters Monday and that more information would be made available on Tuesday morning.

According to the website, both vessels are currently anchored close to each other in open water in Vancouver Harbour. 

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority says it was made aware of the incident early Sunday morning by Marine Communications and Traffic Services.

"We deployed our harbour patrol crew and vessels to provide onsite support to ensure there was no imminent risk to those onboard the vessels, to the public or the environment," said Captain Stephen Brown, interim director marine operations and safety, in an emailed statement.

The M.V. Caravos Harmony is registered in the Marshall Islands and is listed as a 2013 bulk carrier. The M.V. Pan Acacia is a 2010-built cargo ship with Panamanian registration.


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