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2 Mounties accuse RCMP brass of obstruction of justice in Dziekanski case

The RCMP has agreed to open a file into allegations Mounties involved in the Tasering death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski were unfairly treated by their bosses.

RCMP confirm complaints have been filed by officers involved in YVR incident

Former RCMP corporal Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, left, and Const. Gerry Rundel, who were accused of perjury for their testimony at the Braidwood inquiry, have now lodged complaints with RCMP against senior bosses. (Photos by Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

The RCMP has agreed to open a file into allegations Mounties involved in the Tasering death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski were unfairly treated by their bosses.

Dziekanski died after he was stunned multiple times with a Taser at YVR in 2007. During the Braidwood Inquiry, four officers gave explanations as to why their versions of events were different from amateur video of the incident.

Former Mountie Monty Robinson and RCMP Const. Gerry Rundel are pursuing complaints against RCMP superiors, accusing them of obstructing justice and allowing them to bear the brunt of the fallout.

All four officers were charged with perjury, but only two of them were convicted, including Monty Robinson and Kwesi Millington. Two Mounties, Bill Bentley and Gerry Rundel were found not guilty of perjury.

Robinson is alleging senior officers "covered up" and did not investigate his complaints of "scapegoating" and claims investigating officers did not forward appropriate material for a possible criminal probe based on his accusations.

He alleges RCMP failed to update or change its "flawed" Taser policy and accepted the Braidwood Commission's findings into Dziekanski's death, even though, he claims, they were contradicted by much of the evidence.

"The RCMP brass then withheld and covered up that material from the YVR members and processes," said Robinson. "There is no accountability with people at the top."

Robinson said there needs to be more disclosure for officers involved in RCMP internal reviews.

"The problem being ... these things are toothless and it's for perceptions only."

Robert Dziekanski holds a small table at the Vancouver Airport before he was Tasered by police in this video image. (Paul Pritchard/The Canadian Press)

Rundel's complaint centres on allegations of obstruction involving his case at the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP (CRCC), the body in charge of reviewing RCMP conduct.

The RCMP acknowledged in emails to both officers dated Dec. 13 that two files had been opened into complaints from both Robinson and Rundel.

"We are obligated to take the complaint and review the information to determine the investigative path, ie: criminal or not," RCMP spokesperson Staff Sgt. Janelle Shoihet said in a statement. 

An agency tasked with the investigation is still to be determined.

Both men have received letters and file numbers related to their individual complaints.


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