12 dangerous mudslides & rockslides that have hit B.C.

Dangerous mudslides and rockslides happen regularly in B.C. Here is a list of 12 of the most recent.

Every year in B.C., there are countless mudslides and rockslides, but only a few put lives in danger

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      Dangerous mudslides and rockslides happen regularly in B.C.. While many are linked to heavy rain in the winter, history shows they can happen year-round.

      Here's a list of a dozen of the most recent that put lives in danger:

      1. Keremeos, January 2014A rockslide on Highway 3 closed the route in both directions and sent one person to hospital and left hundreds without power.

      2. Langley, October 2012: Two mudslides in one morning damaged at least one house and forced the evacuation of a rural neighbourhood.

      3. Fairmont Hot Springs, July 2012: A mudslide swept down a creek bed through the popular resort town north of Cranbrook. The slide sent people scrambling to get out of the way, forced the closure of a local road and the evacuation of a nearby resort.

      4. Johnsons Landing, July 2012: Four people were killed when a massive landslide destroyed several homes in the Kootenay community.

      5. Lions Bay, April 2011:A rockslide on the Sea to Sky Highway between Whistler and Vancouver destroyed one vehicle as boulders the size of cars crashed down onto the road.

      6. Chilliwack, June 2011:A landslide east of Chilliwack closed the Trans-Canada Highway. One woman suffered minor injuries when her car rolled twice as debris roared down across four lanes of highway and a railway line.

      7. Langford, December 2010:A seven-year-old boy narrowly escaped injury after a rockslide crashed into his home, tossing him and his bed across his room.

      8. Pemberton, August 2010: As many as 1,000 residents were ordered to leave from B.C.'s Lillooet River valley over fears of flooding after a two-kilometre-wide landslide in the area.

      9. Oliver, July 2010:Five houses were demolished, two others damaged and several farms destroyed when an aging dam failed, sending a mass of water, mud, trees and other debris crashing down a local hillside.

      10. Coquitlam, December 2009:A mudslide left a Coquitlam, B.C., family home teetering on the edge of a steep hillside.

      11. Whistler, July 2008: The Sea to Sky Highway linking Vancouver and Whistler was closed for five days after a massive rockslide closed the route, narrowly missing a passenger bus.

      12: North Vancouver, January 2005:  A state of emergency was declared after a mudslide destroyed two homes, killing one woman as she slept in her bed.