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Q&A: Snowbirds pilot reflects on 2 years since Kamloops crash

Snowbirds Capt. Richard MacDougall has spent the last two years recovering from a devastating crash that took the life of his passenger, Capt. Jenn Casey, during demonstration flight in Kamloops, B.C.

What we know about the deadly bank robbery in Saanich, B.C.

Two suspects were killed and three of six police officers who were wounded are still in hospital after an attempted bank robbery at BMO branch in Saanich Tuesday. Here's what we know so far.

Inside the chaos of the Assembly of First Nations national chief's office

The Assembly of First Nations is in unprecedented crisis with National Chief RoseAnne Archibald suspended and under external investigation. CBC News has reviewed documents and interviewed seven sources that paint the most detailed picture to date of the alleged dysfunction within the national chief's office.
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What does it mean to be Indigenous in Canada?

Devynn Boyer is a Métis student in the SUNTEP program at the University of Saskatchewan. He is working towards an education degree focusing on Indigenous studies and English. In this video, he outlines his thoughts about what it means to be Indigenous in Canada.
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I was placed in ESL classes despite being fluent in English. It made me feel less Canadian

Although Alvin Ma says he doesn’t have negative memories of English as a second language classes, it made him feel somehow less Canadian.

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