Boxer Berbick wins deportation fight

Heavyweight boxer Trevor Berbick won a big fight outside the ring on Friday when a tribunal ruled that he did not have to be deported from Canada.

Berbick, who arrived from Jamaica in 1979, won permission to stay in the country for another five years.

The Immigration and Refugee Board said the boxer does not pose a danger to society, despite criminal convictions that include assault.

"The deportation of the appellant from Canada would not serve the interests of justice," the tribunal stated. It said Berbick now leads an active and productive life in Montreal.

Berbick became a landed immigrant but never applied for Canadian citizenship. He moved to Florida in the early 1980s.

The boxer was ordered deported from the U.S. in 1997 after serving 15 months in jail for a series of convictions, but he sought refuge in Canada instead.

On Friday, Berbick said he was delighted by the decision. The 49-year-old athlete said he's been training, is in good shape, and plans to reclaim the world heavyweight championship.

Berbick became the WBC Heavyweight Champion in March 1986 but lost the title to Mike Tyson later that year.