Bernardo murders inspire Law & Order episode

The grisly crimes committed by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka are about to become fodder for one of TV's most popular dramas, Law & Order.

Rene Balcer, executive producer and head writer, says he is working on an episode "inspired" by the Bernardo murders.

Balcer began working on the script about two months ago and the episode is tentatively scheduled to air later this season, he told the Toronto Star.

Balcer said his story is based on information in the "public domain."

He was also intrigued by the much-analyzed deal Homolka cut with authorities.

Bernardo is serving a life sentence for raping and murdering Leslie Mahaffy, 14, and Kristen French, 15.

Homolka has been in custody for six years for her part in the slayings of the two Ontario teenagers. She made a deal with the Crown -- a 12-year sentence on a manslaughter charge-- in return for her testimony against ex-husband Bernardo.

Homolka infuriated many Canadians last week when it was learned she launched a court challenge against the federal government after she was denied escorted day passes from the Joliette prison for women near Montreal.

Nathalie Duhamel of the Elizabeth Fry Society says Homolka "feels sad" about the response her actions have received.

Duhamel told CBC Newsworld she supports Homolka's request for the passes which would have allowed her to live in a halfway house in Montreal for six months.

"She needs to prepare for [her] statutory release," said Duhamel, "and one of the ways that the system is organized to prepare for this is with these temporary passes."