B.C. teen declared youngest-ever dangerous offender

Adam Laboucan has been declared a dangerous offender. The ruling makes the 17-year-old Canada's youngest-ever dangerous offender.

Laboucan was just 15 when he sexually assaulted a three-month-old boy. He has also confessed to drowning a three-year-old when he was 11. Under the law, no one under 12 can be charged with an offence.

The Crown cited the brutal nature of the attack as part of its argument for declaring the B.C. teen a dangerous offender. They also pointed to psychological and psychiatric reports that show Laboucan has a poor prognosis for complete rehabilitation.

In Friday's decision, he now gets an indeterminate sentence. He may be imprisoned for the rest of his life and won't rejoin society unless it's judged that he no longer poses a threat. But he will also be eligible to apply for parole in 16 months.