Autopsy shows four-year-old was mauled by two dogs

Police autopsy results show four-year-old girl died of multiple dog bites, father questioned

Police autopsy results show a four-year-old girl in Ontario was mauled to death by two dogs while playing in her father's yard.

Kyra-Lee Sibthorpe was attacked Sunday by her father's Rottweiler and a Labrador cross staying at the house. Her body, covered in dog bites, was discovered by neighbours in a field by her father's home in Woodland Beach, a community in Georgian Bay.

The Lab cross has been put down and the Rottweiler is under quarantine.

Ontario's deputy chief coroner Jim Cairns says the little girl was familiar with the Rottweiler, but the other dog only arrived at the house five days ago. "Whether the behaviour of this dog was different, and she was assuming that this dog was just like the other one she knew. These are things we are looking into and there's some speculation that that may have been related to that."

Cairns says he does not know why the dogs attacked, but an expert is scheduled to observe the dog and try to figure out why it may have happened.

Kyra-Lee's father, Andrew Sipthorpe, was questioned Wednesday. No details on what he said have been released.

The girl lived with her mother in Phelpston, north of Barrie, Ontario, and was visiting her father for the weekend.