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Louise Bernice Halfe named Canada's new parliamentary poet laureate

Halfe is the first poet who was born and raised in an Indigenous community to hold the position.

Alberta government quietly halts closure of 17 provincial parks due to COVID-19

The Alberta government has quietly halted the closure of 17 provincial parks and recreation sites this year because of COVID-19.

Country music star Paul Brandt to head human trafficking committee in Alberta

Country music star Paul Brandt will lead a committee on human trafficking in Alberta.

90% of Encana shareholders approve name change, company's HQ move to U.S.

The majority of the Calgary-based oil and gas company shareholders voted in favour of moving the Canadian company's corporate home south of the border. Encana says the move could expose it to larger pools of investment and better align it with its U.S. peers.

Suncor CEO says he's not counting on oil risk premium after Saudi attacks

The CEO of Suncor Energy Inc. says his company isn't counting on higher cash flow despite analyst expectations of a "risk premium" on crude oil prices in the wake of last weekend's attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

Bombers lineman Willie Jefferson named CFL top performer after monster game vs. Esks

Winnipeg defensive lineman Willie Jefferson, Hamilton defensive tackle Dylan Wynn and Edmonton wide receiver DaVaris Daniels are the CFL top performers for Week 11.

Pay-worker retention deal expires, renewing concerns about Phoenix backlog

The federal government has let an agreement expire that gave retention bonuses to workers trying to deal with a mountain of problems created by the Phoenix civil-service pay system — raising questions about commitments to eradicate a massive backlog of improper pay files.

Hockey tournament cancelled in Montmartre, Sask. after suspected CO in arena

A kids' hockey tournament in Saskatchewan was cancelled after some players developed headaches and officials suspected they may have been suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Family remembers teen killed in crash near Vanscoy

A 17-year-old boy was killed in a crash near Vanscoy Wednesday afternoon, RCMP have confirmed.

B.C. regulator says fracking caused earthquakes near Fort St. John

The B.C. regulator says the events 20 kilometres south of Fort St. John on Nov. 29 occurred because of fluid injections during hydraulic fracturing at a Canadian Natural Resources wellsite.