Susan Bonner

Host, World at Six

Susan Bonner is the host of World at Six on CBC Radio One. She assumed the host's chair after more than two decades of reporting for CBC, including a decade covering national politics in Ottawa and a recent assignment in Washington.

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Holocaust survivor in famous Auschwitz liberation photo says rising anti-Semitism 'scares me'

Toronto resident Miriam Ziegler is going back to Auschwitz to honour those who did not make it out — and to remind the world what unchecked hate can do.
CBC in Virginia

At a presidential shrine, anger at all the anger dominating this primary race

The CBC's Susan Bonner visits one of America's premier presidential shrines, the home of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, and finds visitors are not happy with the way their country's presidential contest is playing out.

Change is in the air in Conservative Alberta and opposition parties stand to gain

The CBC's Susan Bonner finds a desire for change in once rock-solid Conservative Alberta. Some eight seats are in play in Calgary and Edmonton, and a breakthrough for the opposition parties could make the difference in forming a government.

Joe Oliver faces tight race in hotly contested Eglinton–Lawrence

A tight race is underway in the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence as the opposition parties look to topple Finance Minister Joe Oliver. The CBC's Susan Bonner caught up with Oliver, who has been evading national media since the election campaign began.

B.C. economy booming despite energy sector woes: Susan Bonner

Entrepreneurs are working to reinvent B.C.'s economy on the fly even as the energy sector has fallen on tough times, Susan Bonner writes

Rinelle Harper only one part of Winnipeg's race divide

Winnipeg has the highest urban population of aboriginal people of any Canadian city. The racial divide is real here. CBC Radio's World at Six host Susan Bonner found people willing and wanting to talk about how it is a constant part of life here.
Point of View

Why Scotland's vote triggers Quebec referendum flashbacks

To watch what is coming out of Scotland in the final days leading up to that country's independence vote is to relive much of what happened here just before the 1995 Quebec referendum, writes Susan Bonner, the host of CBC Radio's World at Six.

Private ATMs vulnerable to money-laundering

A CBC/Radio-Canada investigation has uncovered methods that organized crime may be using to launder money through privately owned automated tellers, or ATMs.

Florida shooting suspect declared dead now living free in Edmonton

Alex Varga is at the centre of a bizarre tale that spans Canada, the U.S. and his native Hungary, CBC News has learned.

Susan Bonner: So long Washington, it's been a Capitol affair

Susan Bonner says ta-ta to a power city, and its graceful side.