Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson is a multi-platform journalist at CBC News. Her experience ranges from breaking news coverage to current affairs and long-form documentaries. She recently produced the CBC News documentary Big News.

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How U.S. media lost the trust of the public

A global pandemic, anti-racism protests and a turbulent U.S. presidential election had Americans glued to their screens in 2020, but as people consumed more news, they began to trust media less, surveys suggested. The CBC documentary Big News takes a look at why the public lost faith in the media and the consequences of that distrust.
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Why doctors say it's crucial to focus on COVID-19 spread in working-class neighbourhoods

Toronto doctors say they’re optimistic politicians are beginning to turn their attention to the spread of COVID-19 in working-class neighbourhoods full of essential workers, and that Ontario's new testing strategy could help tackle one of the virus' 'last bastions' in Canada.

'We're all hoping it won't get messy': Canadian vaccine makers weigh in on global tug-of-war

As the race for a coronavirus vaccine intensifies, it's not just a science problem. Most countries, including Canada, are banking on global co-operation. 
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Former Amazon VP opens up about decision to quit in support of COVID-19 'whistleblowers'

Former Amazon VP Tim Bray resigned after allegations three Amazon employees were fired for voicing covid-19 safety concerns. Now, Bray wants the world to know: “This isn’t just an Amazon problem”

COVID-19 blame game intensifies with online ad campaigns paid for by China and the U.S.

Backlash against China for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak is growing in the U.S., and Chinese State media is pushing back with an aggressive campaign online. Caught in the middle are scientists who say the escalating antagonism is making it harder to do their jobs.

This Ontario hospital hopes a look inside its ICU will give pause to those urging end to social distancing

Staff at a hospital in the Greater Toronto Area are worried that Canadians are becoming less vigilant about physical distancing and want people to see through their eyes what it's like treating COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

Hamilton firefighters claiming cancer at twice provincial rate

According to the firefighters' union in Hamilton, its members have filed more than 300 cancer claims, a quarter of which have been approved.

Butchers, farmers, retirees step up to 'great demand' of volunteer firefighting

The Hamilton fire department is looking for new volunteers

Hamilton school board optimistic there won't be a bus driver shortage

The chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board says it has spoken to all four of their busing contractors and none are facing a shortage of drivers.

Hamilton cyclists say vehicles should stay out of their bike lanes

Earlier this week Canada Post vowed its vehicles would stop parking in bike lanes while making deliveries or pickups throughout the city of Toronto. A spokesperson says they should be doing the same in other cities.