Sarah Bridge

Sarah Bridge is a CBC journalist based in Toronto. She has worked as a producer, writer and reporter at CBC bureaus across Canada since 2008.

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Ontario mining company 1st to try new mobile test that diagnoses COVID-19 in as little as an hour

New Gold Inc. is turning to a new test that can diagnose COVID-19 cases in as little as one hour outside a lab setting in the hope of keeping its gold and silver mine in northern Ontario free of the disease.

Essential Canadians: Meet the people working on the front lines of the pandemic

How going to work every day has affected some of those who never expected to be crucial to the country's response to a health crisis - and why they do it.

How Thanksgiving dinner and a Facebook post made gerrymandering a Michigan midterm issue

The outcome of November's U.S. midterms could affect local election results in Michigan for the next decade. It’s all because of push-back around a centuries-old American political practice known as gerrymandering, where politicians in power redraw electoral boundaries to give their party an advantage.

Class of 2018: Meet remarkable Canadians graduating from high school this year

CBC tracked down some truly exceptional students graduating from high schools across the country this month who are making a difference in their communities. Here are their stories.

Garish but iconic, Toronto's Honest Ed's discount store closes

After 68 years in business, the Toronto discount store that boasted about price-cutting decades before Walmart is closing.

Opioid-dependent babies: How an Ontario hospital is helping newborns cope

As the opioid epidemic mushrooms across Canadian communities, a growing number of babies are being born dependent on painkillers. But one Ontario hospital has found a way to reduce the effects.

Environmental group takes De Beers to court over mercury monitoring at diamond mine near Attawapiskat

A Toronto-based environmental group is taking on diamond giant De Beers over its alleged failure to fully report on the mercury levels at its Victor Diamond Mine near Attawapiskat First Nation in Northern Ontario.

Rob Ford crack video let loose flurry of heated warnings and frantic phone calls among mayor's associates

Court testimony that can only now be made public recounts how close associates of the late former Toronto mayor Rob Ford set off on a frantic hunt for the video showing him smoking crack cocaine in the hours after its existence became public.

Mohamed Siad selfie video brags about how to secretly record mayor

A selfie video has surfaced of the man who captured images of Rob Ford smoking crack bragging about how he secretly recorded the mayor.

Rob Ford crack video released after charge withdrawn against Sandro Lisi

The video of Toronto’s former mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine is now public, and for the first time can be viewed outside a courtroom.