Rubina Ahmed-Haq

Business columnist

Rubina is a business columnist who has been covering money matters for more than 10 years. Her career began 20 years ago as a news reporter. After a decade on the news beat she realized her passion was discussing personal finance issues. Now, she weighs in on money and workplace matters on CBC Radio, CBC TV and CBC News Network. Her goal is to get Canadians to take control of their personal finances on their own. Follow her on Twitter @RubinaAhmedHaq

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These Venezuelan-born women want to remove employment barriers for immigrants

When highly skilled immigrant women land jobs, they're paid less and are overqualified, compared to their male counterparts and Canadian-born women, according to an internal report by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Why you need to go to your office Christmas party

Most businesses are hosting a year-end holiday party, according to new research from staffing firm OfficeTeam, a Robert Half Company, and 67 per cent of bosses expect their employees to show up.

Getting fired may be the best thing for job growth

Some of the world’s most influential and iconic people were once fired from their jobs. But experts say getting fired can actually give people a jump start in their careers.

More workers are tired on the job and it's bad for business

New research suggests that 76 per cent of people are regularly tired while working. But there are ways that businesses and employees can help boost morale and encourage a restful workforce.

Fatphobia in the workplace can be career limiting and psychologically harmful

Expert says fatphobia doesn't just affect job growth. It creeps into every aspect of a person's life and can affect a person’s psychological well-being.

The untapped power of hiring workers with disabilities

Companies often overlook persons with disabilities when hiring, but evidence shows that could be a mistake. Not only do workers with disabilities have a proven record of success and loyalty, they have money to spend.

After-work emails cause stress, even if you don't open them

A recent study found that it's not just the act of bringing work home, but the anticipation of having to respond to work emails at home that’s causing stress.

You don't need to be a boss to be a leader

We don’t always think of our jobs as leadership roles, but we can use leadership to be better in the jobs we do right now.

How to prepare for the career that doesn't exist yet

In a rapidly changing landscape, some jobs of the future don’t even exist today.

Working just for the money? You're not alone

Most workplace experts will tell you not to take a job just for the money because you should enjoy your work. But there are situations when this may be OK.