Ron Charles

CBC News

Ron Charles has been a general assignment reporter for CBC News since 1989, covering such diverse stories as the 1990 Oka Crisis, the 1998 Quebec ice storm and the 2008 global financial crisis. Before joining the CBC, Ron spent two years reporting on Montreal crime and courts for the Montreal Daily News.

Latest from Ron Charles

How a bacteria-detecting strip of plastic film could help identify contaminated food

A team of researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., has developed a thin, plastic patch that changes colour under ultraviolet light when it come into contact with meat contaminated with E. coli, a food-borne bacteria that can cause extreme illness or death.

Negligence charges for former child welfare official after kids abused in foster care

Ontario Provincial Police have taken the unusual step of charging the head of a Children's Aid Society for overseeing an agency that placed 10 children with foster parents who ended up being convicted of sexual abuse.

Sniffing out weevils: How Chili the dog is saving greenhouse peppers

One of North America's largest greenhouse bell pepper growers in Leamington, Ont., has turned to a dog to sniff out a potentially devastating pest.

New Heritage Minute features Toronto's Kensington Market

Historica Canada has produced an animated Heritage Minute to tell the story of Toronto's Kensington Market and other neighbourhoods that welcomed waves of newcomers throughout the 20th century.

This is not your summer camp obstacle race: Elite athletes test strength, endurance at world championships

Thousands of competitors from around the world are competing this weekend at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships near Collingwood, Ont. - a testament to the growing popularity of the sport, which is attracting corporate sponsors and serious athletes.

Cheers! Canadian wineries uncork the market for bubbly

With limestone soil and cool temperatures, Canada is perfect for growing grapes for the global wine trend of popping corks.

Self-publishing startup Wattpad looks to move its stories to the TV airwaves

Toronto-based Wattpad has signed a partnership deal with Universal to turn some of the 300 million stories on its self-publishing app into TV shows.

How will Toronto weather the storms of climate change?

For a hint of what Toronto's climatic future might look like, many climate change experts point to 2013. On a July day that year, a month's worth of rain fell in a matter of hours.

VR an eye-popping new canvas for artists using Tilt Brush

Virtual reality isn't just for gamers and engineers anymore: visual artists are dabbling with the technology to make eye-popping artworks.

After Olympic glory, retiring athletes often need help finding their way

For many Olympians, the real agony doesn't come from defeat but from having to say goodbye to a sport they loved and dedicated the better part of their lives to.