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Nick Purdon is a Current Affairs Correspondent with CBC News' The National. You can follow him on Twitter at @nickpurdoncbc

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Want to understand the problems with minimum wage? Talk to people who earn it

What it's like to work hard, earn minimum wage and try to makes ends meet, according to three people living it.

Blues for food: Matchstick Mike's Maritime musical road trip helps the hungry

Matchstick Mike Bidlake and Travis Furlong have raised thousands for Maritime food banks on their Blues For Food tour that was inspired by personal experiences.

Michelle Winters: Cubicle worker by day, Giller-nominated novelist by night

Michelle Winters, a New Brunswick writer who lives in Toronto, is on the shortlist for the Giller Prize for her debut novel I am a Truck. She has a 9-to-5 job as a translator, and writes on weekends and at night.

'It's law and order' on the U.S. border with Mexico — or is it?

In Houston, a Texas city home to half a million undocumented people, CBC News meets some of the players in the debate around illegal immigration and hears their hopes and fears.

B.C. clinic's free heroin enables addicts to 'have a meaningful life again,' co-ordinator says

Providence Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside gives free heroin to longtime addicts. It's a controversial program, and the clinic's research co-ordinator admits they're enabling addicts. "We are enabling them to have a meaningful life again."

4 legacies of the 1976 Montreal Olympics you probably didn't know about

The 1976 Montreal Olympics are best known for their steep price tag that took 30 years to pay off, but the Games left behind another legacy, as well.

Manitoba teacher hopes goose hunting will help save his students

Kerry Muswagon is the cultural awareness teacher at Mikisew school in Cross Lake, Man., where six young people committed suicide in a three-month period. He believes if he teaches the students about their culture, they’ll feel better about themselves. That’s where the goose hunt comes in.

Fallout in Alberta: The oil crash isn't just about lost jobs

At the food bank in Leduc, demand is skyrocketing, and manager Gert Raynar doesn't know how she will keep up. The main problem: those seeking help are the ones who used to donate. CBC's Nick Purdon on the human toll of an oil crash.

School hockey program in northern Ontario keeps kids in class and out of trouble

It may be the country’s national sport, but is it powerful enough to get kids to stop skipping class? One school in northern Ontario found that integrating hockey into the curriculum has increased attendance.

Does a blue jay for mascot suit Toronto's baseball team?

Bird experts try to teach CBC's Nick Purdon more about the bird Toronto's baseball team chose as its mascot.